Blam's Bio

Brian Saner Lamken, a.k.a. Blam, is a writer and artist living in the suburbs
of Philadelphia, PA. He is 
on Twitter, very occasionally, @BrianLamken.

A 1992 graduate of Oberlin College, Blam has worked professionally as an editor, cartoonist, and graphic designer. From 1990 through 2001 he freelanced as a journalist in the comics trade, contributing to the venerable Comics Buyer’s Guide and several other publications, serving as a judge for the 2000 Eisner Awards, and packaging the well-regarded, too-short-lived magazine Comicology.

Blam regularly blogged on various streams of entertainment here at the inventively named Blam’s Blog until a hiatus that should end with a relaunch later this year. His online presence also includes a Tumblr gallery, Exhibit B, and Adventures in Comicology, a website housing his past, current, and future writing on comics that's presently under reconstruction. Upcoming projects include Comicology Q&A, an omnibus of his interviews with comics creators, and I Have Issues, a long-term blog/book project that details a comprehensive reading of his comics collection.

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Best of the Blog

Now back to the conversational first person...

I've written before about the posts that have gotten the most hits and the most comments, as well as shared wacky search terms that lead people here. When the blog gets updated regularly again, I'll check back in on those topics, since much has changed. Plans are also afoot to reinstate the vast list of labels, which got too unwieldy to keep in the sidebar, in a novel way and provide quick links to particular groups of posts. You can still find general categories down the sidebar and specific labels in post footers, plus links to related reading at the ends of many posts; if you're feeling ambitious, completist, and forgiving of its growing pains, you could even go through the whole blog from the beginning. The most illuminating approach, however, unless you're looking for something in particular, may be through a sampling of my own favorite pieces. I didn't realize at first, but am not surprised to discover in retrospect, that many deal with adaptation, fictional continuity, and/or the nature of storytelling. Not included are short, silly posts or subjects that I'm averse to at the moment, nor posts in too dire need of reformatting, although occasional revision is a good bet and you'll find as wide an array of material as exists on the blog once you start clicking around.

A Wing and a Prayer

The very meta title and backup stories in Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader, written by Neil Gaiman, reviewed.

Flow Rider

My brief rave of magical-realist gem Beasts of the Southern Wild.

The Dr. Manhattan Transfer

Wherein I submit that Zack Snyder's Watchmen failed to transpose the most interesting, essential aspects of the comics to film.

Homages and happy accidents in live-action adaptations of comics juxtaposed through interpolat-- uh... This:

52 Geek-Out

One man's unapologetically fannish dream reboot of DC's entire superhero line.

Five-Panel Draw

⅓ of a page from The Uncanny X-Men #166 dissected.

An exhaustive (and perhaps exhausting) review of Skyfall and the Gordian Knot that is James Bond's fictional history.

Red, Gold, and Green

Musings on
Arrow/Flash universe at the time of the series' first crossover.

Curls on Film

My dissertation on being pleasantly surprised by Tangled.

The Vampire-Slayer Diaries

Rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie, in light of its later, brilliant television incarnation.

What's Future Is Prologue

More on my feelings about the Star Trek movie revival than you might care to read.