Blam's Bio

Brian Saner Lamken, a.k.a. Blam, is a writer and artist living in the suburbs
of Philadelphia, PA. He is 
on Twitter, haphazardly, @BrianLamken.

A 1992 graduate of Oberlin College, Blam has worked professionally as an editor, cartoonist, and graphic designer. From 1990 through 2001 he freelanced as a journalist in the comics trade, contributing to the venerable Comics Buyer’s Guide and several other publications, serving as a judge for the 2000 Eisner Awards, and packaging the well-regarded, too-short-lived magazine Comicology.

Blam regularly blogged on various streams of entertainment here at the inventively named Blam’s Blog until a hiatus that's projected to end with a relaunch later this year. His online presence also includes a Tumblr gallery, Exhibit B, and Adventures in Comicology, a website housing his past, current, and future writing on comics that's presently under reconstruction. Upcoming projects include Comicology Q&A, an omnibus of his interviews with comics creators, and I Have Issues, a long-term blog/book project that details a comprehensive reading of his comics collection.

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