The Birdy Bunch

After the final episode of Larry Wilmore's abruptly canceled Nightly Show this past Thursday, I stuck around to watch @Midnight. With the quadrennial carnivals that are the US Presidential campaign and the Summer Olympics providing no shortage of springboards for Twit-friendly humor, I’m assuming we have Chris Hardwick’s Saturday wedding and the program's attendant two-week hiatus to thank for the evening’s mundane Hashtag Wars category: #BirdTV. Personally, I enjoy having an evergreen topic to riff on given that updates to the blog will continue to be infrequent for some months, so here, minus a few (bird)brainstorms that I’d seen others beat me to when I took a quick scroll through the feed on Twitter, are…

My Top Twenty-Five Avian Television Shows

25. America’s Got Talons

24. The Young and the Nestless

23. Feather Knows Best

22. Sesame Tweet

21. Harpy Days

20. Parrothood

19. The Eggs Files