The Birdy Bunch

After the final episode of the abruptly canceled Nightly Show this past Thursday, I stuck around to watch @Midnight. With the quadrennial carnivals that are the US Presidential campaign and the Summer Olympics providing no shortage of springboards for Twit-friendly humor, I’m assuming we have Chris Hardwick’s Saturday wedding and the program's attendant two-week hiatus to thank for the evening’s mundane Hashtag Wars category: #BirdTV. Personally, I enjoy having an evergreen topic to riff on given that updates to the blog will continue to be infrequent for some months, so here, minus a few (bird)brainstorms that I’d seen others beat me to when I took a quick scroll through the feed on Twitter, are…

My Top Twenty-Six Avian Television Shows

26 America’s Got Talons

25. The Young and the Nestless

24. Feather Knows Best

23. Sesame Tweet

22. Make Room for Dodos

21. Harpy Days

20. Parrothood

19. The Eggs Files