ACE Is the Place

Cover of first issue of 'ACE' magazine with photos from current DC television series and other contents hype

Jon B. Cooke, a familiar name to those who enjoy reading about the stories behind the comics, is editing a new magazine called ACE — All Comics Evaluated that launches in March. The moniker is meant to indicate both that each issue will include a price guide and that stuff from across the incredibly wide spectrum of today's comics scene will be covered. I have a retrospective in the first issue on Robin the Boy Wonder, whose 75th anniversary is nigh.

You might've noticed that I asked a couple of months ago for anyone with the expanded version of a Robin article I ran in Comicology back in 2000 to contact me. I truly was asking for a friend, no wink-wink nudge-nudge about it, but as it turns out he had to step aside and the assignment landed in my lap. Not wanting to repeat myself, I wrote this new retrospective from scratch, although with so much in the way of Boy and Girl Wondering having gone down in the past decade (plus, of course, this being a different venue with different demands on the tone of the piece) it was sort-of impossible not to.

Copies of the first issue and/or a monthly pull can be reserved at your local comics shop, if you're lucky enough to have one, although initial orders for that first issue are due today. I don't have subscription-by-mail info yet, and there isn't any at the magazine's website or on its Facebook page at this writing, but I will certainly pass that along when I can and post here again when the issue hits the racks in March. While I don't have anything in the second issue, from the third on I will probably be a regular presence, and I sincerely hope to be writing about Robin's 100th anniversary in another quarter-century's time.

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