One Ticket to Paradise

Smallville was a decade-long WB/CW hit that gave us the story of Clark Kent's
high-school and college years.

Fox's current Gotham begins with Bruce Wayne as a boy in the aftermath of his parents' murder.

Yesterday came word that a series called Krypton is in development, focused on Superman's grandfather prior to the destruction of his home planet. Really!

title cards (logos) for Smallville, Gotham, and proposed Krypton TV series

Now, I'm pleased to announce my pitch for the groundbreaking television event Themiscyra, set on the uninhabited shoreline of what will one day be known as Paradise Island — thousands of years before the arrival of the Amazons.

mockup of title card for Themiscyra series

In the tradition of the perennial ratings smash Yule Log, Themiscyra will deliver stunning video, week after week, of the spot on the beach where millennia later Queen Hippolyta will mold clay into the form of Diana, her daughter, known to the world
as Wonder Woman. Plans call for Themiscyra to feature gusts of wind that may well carry molecules of air or water eventually encountered by some of Diana's closest friends and greatest foes.

Themiscyra: How far are you willing to go?

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Themiscyra image © 2014 Brian Saner Lamken.

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Arben said...

That is fantastic.

El Qué said...

I can't wait to binge-watch it on Amazon Prime.

Blam said...

Ha! Maybe you can watch this next one drenched in Calvin Klein cologne. I wracked my brain to come up with one more, and finally did: 

In the timeless time before the aged wizard Shazam granted young Billy Batson the powers of Captain Marvel on the Rock of Eternity, before the Rock was even in place, there was nothing

Eternity. It's just a blank screen. Combo graphic over on Tumblr!