One Ticket to Paradise

Smallville was a decade-long WB/CW hit that gave us the story of Clark Kent's
high-school and college years.

Fox's current Gotham begins with Bruce Wayne as a boy in the aftermath of his parents' murder.

Yesterday came word that a series called Krypton is in development, focused on Superman's grandfather prior to the destruction of his home planet. Really!

title cards (logos) for Smallville, Gotham, and proposed Krypton TV series

Now, I'm pleased to announce my pitch for the groundbreaking television event Themiscyra, set on the uninhabited shoreline of what will one day be known as Paradise Island — thousands of years before the arrival of the Amazons.

Red, Gold, and Green

The CW's Flash/Arrow crossover last week was loads of fun.

Grant Gustin as The Flash and Stephen Amell as The Arrow standing together in a street scene facing opposite directions
Image from The Flash Ep. 1.08 "Flash vs. Arrow" © 2014 CW. Photo: Diyah Perra.

I still hope to get to full-on reviews of both shows this season, but the perennial
6-year-old in me demands that my adult self acknowledge this super-cool undertaking now. Just seeing an arrow slice through The Flash's usual title sequence on Tuesday night and a lightning bolt streak through Arrow's on Wednesday put a big, goofy grin on my face.