Bird in the Hand

cover to 'Comicology' Vol. 2 #1 showing large figure of the young original Robin against a cityscape with smaller figures of Dick Grayson as Nightwing, Carrie Kelley as Robin, and Tim Drake as Robin around him
Cover A of Comicology Vol. II #1. Art © 2000 Bruce Timm. Package © 2000
Comicology TM Harbor Studios. Characters TM/® DC Comics.

I ran a history of Robin in Comicology Vol. II #1 (Spring 2000). What saw
publication was an abridged version — long story and lingering frustration — but
a fuller piece titled "Wingspan: Six Decades of Richard Grayson" went up on the website. Does anyone reading this have the text of that? I still haven't taken in the
old, dead computer from those days to see if files can be salvaged from the hard drive, and my backups are similarly inaccessible on Jaz disks. Several years ago I got to
old cached pages of the website, including the piece in question, via the Internet Archive's "Wayback Machine" but I tried that again the other day and there's now
a message saying those pages can't be crawled or displayed. (The domain was bought out from under me during trying times.) I have a friend who could make use of
the piece if we get a copy in a timely manner; you would receive at minimum a
thank-you in print if it gets used and my gratitude regardless.

Bowled Over

There's a six-minute animated short called "Feast" showing before Disney's Big
Hero 6
, which opens this weekend, and I'm not being insensitive to the cost of movie tickets when I say it's worth the price of admission all by itself.

Winston, a small gray-and-white terrier, at a food bowl full of kibble
Screencap © 2014 Disney Enterprises.

Luckily, Big Hero 6 is good enough that you don't really have to test that premise,
but this little not-so-shaggy dog story really is a treat.