Huston, We Have Amalgam

Just imagine Humphrey Bogart playing not Sam Spade but Sam Wilson — a 1941 version of Sam Wilson, hangdog gumshoe turned Captain America's unorthodox partner.

fake movie poster in vintage style: Warner Bros. and Republic Present / Humphrey Bogart / Dick Purcell / with Mary Astor, Peter Lorre, and Gladys George / a John Huston film / Captain America and the Maltese Falcon

That's what I did in mashing and mocking up this poster for Captain America and the Maltese Falcon.

I'd brainstormed the title a couple of years ago for a #BadNoir hashtag game on Twitter. While it was merely meant as a gag line, it just has so much Reese's Peanut-Butter Cup potential.

The phrase, I should probably add for the non-comics folks reading this, combines the popular teaming of Captain America and The Falcon — a frequent partner of Cap's who debuted in 1969's Captain America #117 at the hands of Stan Lee and Gene Colan — with, more obviously, the title of Dashiell Hammett's seminal 1930 hardboiled detective novel The Maltese Falcon. Lots of you will be familiar with The Falcon now thanks to his inclusion in this summer's Captain America: The Winter Soldier, co-starring Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson alongside Chris Evans' Steve Rogers. Maybe you've even heard that he's inheriting the Captain America mantle from his old friend in the Marvel comics shortly.

I've taken elements of this poster from one of several for the 1941 John Huston screen adaptation of Hammett's novel and a doctored color still from the 1944 Captain America serial that had almost nothing to do with the star-spangled superhero as created for Timely Comics, Marvel's predecessor, by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. The serial starred Dick Purcell as a shieldless, pistol-toting Cap whose alter ego was crusading district attorney Grant Gardner.

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