Long Day's Journey into Mystery

Watching the Tony Awards telecast last Sunday, I found myself coming up with
comics-related twists on the titles of various plays and musicals. The game continued for several days until my list grew long enough to split into two — one for Marvel, one for DC (last post) — even after paring down by about half. Some entries are more accessible to non-comics-reading folks than others; the only rule was passing over titles that wouldn't need to be changed at all, such as The Iceman Cometh or Beauty and
The Beast

Now take your seats for my...

Top Twenty Marvel Comics Broadway Mashups

20. You're a Mole Man, Charlie Brown

19. Dirty Rotten Fandral

18. Jess Is the Spider-Woman

17. Bring in da Noise, Bring in da Hulk

16. Thoroughly Modeled Millie

15. Lady Sif at Emerson's Bar & Grill

14. Mandarin of La Mancha

13. Twelve Angry X-Men

12. A Slim Summers Night's Dream

11. Who's Afraid of Virginia, Wolverine?

10. Sunday in the Park with Forge

9. Two Gentlemen of Genosha

8. Frankie Raye and Johnny Storm in the Claire de Lune

7. Children of a Lesser Woodgod

6. Much Ado about Man-Thing

5. Luke Cage aux Folles

4. Sat-Yr-9, or Change

3. Damn Yancys

2. You Can't Take It, the Living Colossus, With You

And the Number One Marvel Comics Broadway Mashup...

1. Volstagg and the Angry Inch

Don't forget to check out DC Comics on Broadway in the last post — and see a dozen
of my honorable (?) mentions in the comments below, where you can share your own!

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