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Short version of this post: The Kickstarter campaign for Dean Trippe's Something Terrible has one week left. Go pledge and be a part of it!

Profile of downcast boy inside silhouette of Batman's cowl

I'm upset that I neglected to include Terrible on my entry in Forces of Geek's
Best of 2013 survey, especially because I first learned of the book from old pal and FOG grand poobah Stefan Blitz. Trippe has created a heartfelt, inspiring, beautifully executed work drawn (quite literally) from his experiences of childhood sexual abuse. Dark as the short, 14-page story is — about kids, for anyone who has ever been a kid, but not for kids themselves — it brightens as Trippe finds strength in Batman and other fictional heroes, unfolding mostly in sharp, haunting two-color panels.

vignettes from boy's life -- in Batman costume, getting punched by a bully at school, reading comics

You can pledge as little as $1 and receive a PDF of the original, 18-page version of Something Terrible (including cover, credits, afterword, and acknowledgments). What's being Kickstarted is a revised, 36-page physical edition, one that has already received enough support for Trippe to bump up the print run to hardcover. Every pledge at the $15 level and up receives at least one copy. At this writing pledges total over 500% of the campaign's initial $6,400 goal; the next stretch goal, another $3,000 away, will allow Trippe to include a new 4-page epilogue and hire a graphic designer.

boy wearing Batman shirt in bed watching cop show where accused pedophile is lectured about 'cycle of abuse' and boy imagines taking gun to his own head

My recommendation? I understand that not everyone reading this post is into comics and costumed adventurers. You may have read the above or even listened to Trippe's introductory video over at the Kickstarter page and feel like it's a bit trite to tackle such a serious subject as sexual abuse in this form. I urge you to download the current version of Something Terrible for just 99¢, read it, and if you like it chip in at least another buck by way of a Kickstarter pledge; if you're as impressed as I was, you'll probably want to pledge at whatever higher level you can afford to get a hardcover for yourself or someone you love.

Something Terrible images created by and © 2013 Dean Trippe. Logo created by Hannah Nance Partlow. Batman iconography ® DC Comics.

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