'Fore and Daft

John Oliver wasn't the only member of Comedy Central's late-night team giving
us process wonks a peek behind the curtain in the past couple of weeks. Stephen Colbert was interviewed by Paul Mercurio, who does warm-up for The Colbert Report, over nearly an hour on a variety of topics — but mostly about the Daft Punk fiasco. You can listen to the podcast free.

Stephen Colbert at the desk
Screencap © 2013 Comedy Partners and Busboy Productions.

Daft Punk was scheduled to be on Colbert's show earlier this month but bowed out,
or was yanked, over misunderstandings and Viacom internal politics due to the mysterious French faux-robots' upcoming special appearance at last weekend's MTV Video Music Awards telecast.

Colbert devoted the episode on which they would have appeared to a slightly
fictional account of what happened along with a truly bizarre all-star video set to Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" (featuring Bryan Cranston, Jeff Bridges, the Rockettes, Stephen's animated alter ego Tek Jansen, Henry f---ing Kissinger...) and a last-minute performance by Robin Thicke doing his song of the summer "Blurred Lines".

Oliver & Company

Jon Stewart will return to The Daily Show next week following a summer sabbatical. He was in the Middle East directing a film called Rosewater. For the eight weeks out of twelve after Stewart's departure that the show was not on hiatus, writer/performer John Oliver stepped in to host in his stead.

John Oliver, a white man in glasses wearing a dark suit and blue tie with tousled dark hair, at the 'Daily Show' desk facing camera/viewer with graphics of New York skyline and part of world map behind him
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If you don't already know that, you may not be interested in the Hulu video I'm
sharing of John Oliver's appearance on Charlie Rose from Monday, Aug. 8th, just
as John-with-an-h was starting his final week as Jon-without's substitute.