Party On, Qarth!

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Here we go with a good old link-blogging post for the first time in too long.

screencap from Audi commercial of Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy [© 2013 Audi of America]

I know it's been making the rounds at, uh, warp speed the past few days, but Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy in Audi's "The Challenge" has at least one moment too priceless not to keep sharing. Note: It is a commercial, so if you have a hard policy against watching such things there's your warning. [2:44; via lots of folks]

The Man in the Iron Mask

I found Iron Man 3 a fine kickoff to what Marvel Studios is calling Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe — Phase One having culminated in the assemblage of nearly every superhero thus far introduced to the MCU in 2012's The Avengers.

Close-up of a marred, scarred, and cracked Iron Man helmet in Tony Stark's hands
Photo © 2013 Marvel.

Given that it builds on what's come before, in terms of the audience's familiarity with the characters and their milieu, Iron Man 3 isn't the best entry point to the series. If you've seen and enjoyed the previous installments, however, Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark in particular, you'll enjoy this one.

For sure it's better than 2010's Iron Man 2, although I found some of that movie's flaws revisited in fleeting moments; the way in which it gets to jump straight into its world without having to set up an origin story might even make it more fun than 2008's Iron Man 1. In that (and some aspects of the plot as well) it's not unlike a James Bond film, a parallel driven home by the closing title sequence and one made explicit too in interviews with co-writer/director Shane Black.

So there's a quickie assessment. I'll add some spoiler commentary after the next graphic. Join me below if/when you've seen Iron Man 3 or just don't care!

Fett Peeve

I'd hoped to have a different post up here for what has become the annual observance
of Star Wars Day — May the 4th (as in, "... be with you"). That ain't happenin', so you get an enhanced repeat instead.

photo of Boba Fett, armored figure with various accoutrements pointing a gun at something out of frame, in medium shot against blue background
Boba Fett ® and image © year of creation Lucasfilm Ltd.

My younger friends think Boba Fett's a chump for dying (or not) in the Sarlacc pit. And I get that much of the mystery around Fett was ruined by seeing him as a kid in the prequels; same with Darth Vader, frankly. To my generation, however, the prequels aren't real Star Wars. When all we knew of Boba Fett was what you see in the photo above, nothing more than an enigmatic bounty hunter clad in a hodgepodge of beat-up weaponry that got faithfully reproduced as a kick-ass 12" Kenner action figure, I promise you: Boba Fett was awesome.