Unleavened Levity

Pesadick Tracy and the Case of the Missing Manischewitz
Dick Tracy created by Chester Gould and ® The Tribune Company.
Text/Design: Brian Saner Lamken © 2013. Click to view larger at Exhibit B!

More years ago than feels possible I drew up a cartoon like this for a Hillel seder at Oberlin. I've yet to come across it in my files but with today's technology I was able to rebuild the thing better, faster, and stronger.

Not that I'm about to draw a whole strip, but I kind-of want to read this.


Arben said...

Very nice, Blam... I'd love to read it too, but I appreciate that your time/energy is limited and that the initial "proof of concept" is usually more satisfying than follow-through. Your Borgean Pictogaggery is sufficient.

Blam said...

Thanks, Arb! Something like this probably is best left as a joke with promise than being fully realized, although I'm constantly amazed by the stuff that actually gets made and posted to the Interwebs.

El Qué said...

My dad thought this was hilarious. I think I said that in "real life" already but I wanted it here for whaddayacallit posterity.