Mean and Done

If you've ever left a comment on a blog, you may very well have come across word verification.

On blogs hosted by Blogger/Blogspot, as elsewhere, the proprietor can select an option asking commenters to type in some randomly displayed text to prove that they're actual people rather than some kind of automated malevolence. This used to take the form of a single nonsense word that almost always could be a real word, but wasn't; then, last year, the esteemed hosting service joined the ranks of websites using heinously jumbled-up, visually skewed letters and/or letter-&-number combos. Previously the nonsense words tended to have vowels and consonants placed in such an order that they were pronounceable, leading me to devise definitions for (or other reactions to) them based on actual words, morphemes, and phrases they suggested.

I took to sharing those definitions in comments, when they came readily to mind, then filing them away and periodically presenting batches of them here on my own blog. It was an endeavor not unlike Sniglets, which Rich Hall popularized on HBO's Not Necessarily the News and in a series of books back in the '80s, except in reverse. I've laid absolutely no claim to being either the first or the best at this, but I've been told I'm not bad at it either, and I'm genuinely sorry that the absence of that older format of word verification has led to a near-total shutdown in new definitions.

In my previous installment I wrote that the next one would probably be the final one for the foreseeable future. Here we are and so it will.

The following will be added to a dedicated page on the blog collecting over 400 of the definitions, "Meaning Full".

cztory — [ztoh ree] n. A Slavic tale.

ermend — [uhr mend; ee ahr mend] v. Fix someone up in the trauma center.

archMC — [artch em see] n. Preeminent (or sly) rapper.

nonlyin — [non ly in] n. Tellin' the truth.

Durefear™ — [door uh feer] Long-lasting frightfulness. New from the makers of Phobiall.

hybrita — [hy brit uh] n. A cross-species water filter.

ginears — [jin eerz] n. Bad hearing brought on by a state of drunkenness.

nestini — [ness tee nee] n. Cocktail made from vermouth, twigs, and bird eggs.

podyne — [poh dyn] n. A rather pathetic unit of force.

angrater — [ahn gray tur] n. Kitchen aid for shaving Japanese red-bean paste.

copedall — [koh ped ull] v. Get everyone working on a tandem cycle moving in unison.

swinasce — [swy nayss] n. Pig birth.

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