No Guts, No Story

It occurred to me while catching up on some episode reviews of The Walking Dead after last Sunday's mid-season finale that a turn of phrase I used a couple of years ago in discussing a moment on Lost would lend itself even more perfectly to a Pictogag for a recent scene from AMC's zombie drama.

Photo from The Walking Dead 3.05 "Say the Word": Greg Nicotero 
for AMC © 2012 TWD Productions LLC. Font: Didot. Type manipulation, 
based on Absolutely Fabulous logo: Brian Saner Lamken © 2012 for Blam's Blog.

As happens with these things, I found it hard to stop with that one.

There's at least one definite spoiler in the half-dozen Pictogags that follow, so those of you who plan to watch Season Three and haven't — as well as those of you for whom the gore in the one above was more than you care to, um, stomach — should probably stop now.

Photos from The Walking Dead Season Three: Gene Page, Russell Kaye, and Tina Rowden 
for AMC © 2012 TWD Productions LLC. Fonts: Arial, Brush Script MT; Cochin; Hoefler Text 
Black; Tahoma; Verdana. Text and design: Brian Saner Lamken © 2012 for Blam's Blog.

I try to keep up with posts on The Walking Dead at both Nik at Nite and Gentlemen of Leisure. Nik has occasional analyses of Fringe and Once Upon a Time as well, among other shows, while in addition to the sequential X-Men reread I sometimes mention here Teebore has a weekly TV roundup at Leisure. Come join us!

If possible I'm hoping to get a Tumblr blog of just my Pictogags up 'n' running before the year is out. You're welcome and indeed encouraged as always to distribute these freely around the Interwebs as long as my site address isn't cropped out.


Arben said...

Oh, man. Half of these at least were laugh-out-loud, but I keep coming back to "Daddy Loves You to Pieces". Effin' fantastic, Blam.

El Qué said...

Blam wins teh LOLZnet once again. ^_^
The one with Lori and the last one with the Governor are probably my favorites, partly because the photos play into them so well. They're all great, though.

Blam said...

Thanks, guys!

I was particularly proud of the last one. And I agree that the photos can really make all the difference.

Batcabbage said...

While they are all excellent (well done, as always, Blam), my favourite is Carl. I'm still laughing at it. Just the look on his face... Hilarious.