As I noted a couple of weeks ago, I've been flirting with Twitter again. I'm still completely at a loss as to how to include it as part of a balanced diet — and since I really want to finally get on Facebook, I suspect that it'll be cut out dang near totally for a while. (Once I reconnect with old friends and acquaintances on Facebook, of course, I'll probably want to follow some of them on Twitter...) Just a month after my last batch of select Twitter postlets for the foreseeable future, then, I leave you with another, minus the ones from the above link re the Presidential town-hall debate.

12 October 2012

Visit #Chipotle in costume after 4 p.m. on Halloween; get a $2 burrito and laughed at by the punks skating outside.

Yankees had "a champagne shower" in the clubhouse tonight after clinching the ALDS — or, as Alex Rodriguez calls it, "a shower".

14 October 2012

I'm 42 today. The only career I've really had is as a writer/editor. And I still find it weird to to use "comprise" except in the passive.

15 October 2012

Now I'm getting my car detailed as a gift. We've been here for an hour and the guy talks so slowly he's only up to "ignition coil".

21 October 2012

#FakeNews: Mitt Romney joined at campaign event by reclusive brothers Bat, Helmet, and Faceguard Romney

#FakeNews: 1952 batch of Whoops Still Tears Back to the Drawing Board shampoo found in Johnson & Johnson warehouse

#FakeNews: Chan Marshall, Connor Oberst, and Natasha Khan to form alias supergroup Cat Eye Lashes

22 October 2012

Editing tip: locavores eat food sourced to their area; locovores seek out beef from cattle infected with mad-cow disease

23 October 2012

New plan: Open a Jewish deli with a shared-dish theme called Some of a Blintz.

New plan: Open a store that only sells that "Footprints in the Sand" poem called Psalm of a Beach.

New plan: Open a museum of Psycho memorabilia called Spawn of a Bates.

27 October 2012

Do people who unironically hail Deep Throat and Debbie Does Dallas as "seminal porn films" have no sense of humor or etymology?

29 October 2012

Pitch: Barry Allen becomes an international chess champion. You can guess what the story's called.

"Loves Me Like a Rock"… "Rock You Like a Hurricane"… I'm pretty sure that by the transitive property #Sandy has to hurricane us like a love.

31 October 2012

Nearly three dozen people were killed during the bachelorette party for the Bride of Frankenstein.

Her intended was so distraught at the scene that it was all he could do to pull himself together for the wedding.

Also, while much blood was lost, thankfully plenty of Universal donors were on hand.

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