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I confess to dabbling with Twitter again over the past week. Based on the Mars-rover landing, among other events, I was curious to see what it would be like to experience last Thursday's Vice-Presidential Debate with an eye on the Twitterverse. Tonight I dipped back in again during the Presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. I found myself predictably struggling with, on one hand, a desire to jot down a thought that amused me in the hope that it would amuse others, versus, on the other hand, my general inability to both do that and keep listening to the debate itself, then struggling further with the fact that Twitter was so congested that I often couldn't get my Twits out in a timely fashion. What I did let fly over the evening follows, largely nonpartisan, focused mostly on random things that struck me as funny or just the absurd theater of it all, but I advise those of you who stay away from sociopolitical material on principle to move along.

Audience: "I have a question." Candidate: "Great... I have a canned response that does not quite directly address that question." #debate

Please just fistfight. #debate

When Romney says that middle-income families have been buried, is he implying that more Americans die under Obama? #debate

Uh-oh... Romney said "foreign". #debate

A road to Greece would actually be pretty cool. #debate

Not to make light of income inequality, but Lilly Ledbetter and The Glass Ceiling is my new band name. #debate

Binders Full of Women is our opening act. #debate

Audience: "I'm not as optimistic as I was four years ago." Obama: "You and me both, man." #debate

I hate seeing Lyle Waggoner and Tuvok fight like this. #debate

Romney: "If I'm elected President I will make sure that every child has two parents." Audience: "That wasn't my question, but okay." #debate

Now for the the hand-gesture portion of our competition. #debate

We don't have to settle for $4-a-gallon gasoline and 47 million people on food stamps. Those numbers can be higher. #debate

"Fundamentally different vision" is one of Superman's lesser-known powers. #debate

Obama should've just dropped the mike after that response. #debate

This is a trash and recycling week for our house, which is an apt if pessimistic way of looking at our Presidential options. #debate

Wow... MSNBC's and Fox News' commentators have, like, totally different takes on how things went tonight. #debate

#Debate ended just as civilian participants began to pray that CIA would be smuggling them out under cover of making a bad sci-fi movie.

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