After this preamble comes another batch of my Twitter postlets, very possibly the last batch for a little while. I've decided to step away from the twitting and reassess because it's just too much of a time-suck. Nice as it was to dip further back into the crazy, crowded, hopefully chlorinated pool that is the comics world in all of its increasingly splintered splendor, I spent way more time following conversations and links and all that jazz than I should have given that I really wanted to get back in touch with a bunch of folks this summer; Twitter was supposed to be merely one means to that end, and instead it ended any hope of pursuing other means.

Screencap © 2012 ABC TV and/or Angst Productions.

I wasn't able to catch up on enough television before the fall season began, either, but I did make a small dent in the eight episodes of Trust Us with Your Life in my Hulu queue. The improv show was a summer-season entry on ABC starring some of the Whose Line Is It Anyway? regulars, cut short due to ratings competition from the Olympics — or Fred Willard's arrest for lewd activity in a triple-X movie house, depending on what you read. Colin Mochrie's unusually colored wardrobe in the first episode had already caught my eye when he fluffed out his hair in one sketch and prompted me to grab the screencap above.

Like I said on Twitter, Mochrie has to play Mr. Mxyzptlk. Superman fans already see that I'm right; the rest of you can do a Google image search. (Note to those not in the know: Superman would traditionally have to trick Mxyzptlk into saying his name backwards to return him to his home dimension of Zrfff — hence the title of this post, in lieu of the usual "Twitticisms".)

Even the filmed-but-unaired episodes of Trust Us are online, but as you'll find if you click the above link you have to be a Hulu Plus subscriber to watch them. The good news is that anyone who hasn't done so already can try Hulu Plus free for two weeks; the even better news is that, when you sign up for a free trial using my referral code, if you decide to continue as a paying customer then I get two free weeks for referring you. $7.99 a month brings access to high-quality video of older series (Arrested Development, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Battlestar Galactica, to name a few), next-day availability of some current Fox and CW shows that are otherwise on a week's delay (like Glee and Supernatural), deeper episode playlists of many current series (all of NBC's Grimm, for instance), and, quite impressively, not only films released through the highly regarded Criterion Collection but all of the DVD extras as well.

Enough with the hucksterism, now... Here are the last few weeks' worth of twitbits from @BrianLamken.

7 September 2012

I know better than to confuse actors with their characters, but seeing Leonard Nimoy RT Zachary Quinto is still a bit of a head-trip.

My friend LK to me: "You're so old your iPad has rabbit ears." (I do not have an iPad, so at the very least it's untrue on a technicality.)

8 September 2012

@_rachelhartman: That's going to be one confusing book. / RT "Coming soon: Seraphina in Czech, Slovak, Russian, and Greek!"

@johannadc: Is he, uh, decea-- uh, decea-- uh, decea-- uhhh, dead? / RT "Next Looney Tunes Super Stars Dedicated to Porky Pig"

Rabbi to a future bat-mitzvah last night: "You have the coolest portion in Leviticus." I'm sure the kid was totally stoked.

5YO nephew: "I have a red Spider-Man, and a red Spider-Man, and a kind-of red Spider-Man, and a black Spider-Man. And a Vaynum."

Headline on a newspaper clipping I just found (meant to send it to Late Show for Small-Town News): "Anarchist Groups Seek to Coordinate"

9 September 2012

[After he mulled over a story about a kid who shouts "Cowabunga!" and becomes a ninja turtle:] @DocShaner: You might run into trademark problems. How about a boy who shouts "Turtlabunga!" and turns into a ninja cow?

10 September 2012

@EWFrontRow @NBCTheVoice: Has anyone had the nerve to sing Ray Charles in the blind auditions yet?

How many of my fellow comics nerds find themselves misspelling the word "faucet" as "fawcett"? It can't just be me.

And how many of my fellow comics nerds are now thinking, "Ooh, Kitchen Sink should've reprinted a bunch of Fawcett stories..."?

11 September 2012

I love you and your great bargains, @TFAW, but unless you're selling, like, an actual working car, "now only $159.99" is not a valid phrase.

@HannahKincade: Verb agreements is for schmucks.

Are we sure that the red buttons turn chairs around on #TheVoice, or does Christina shift in her seat and make the others orbit her breasts?

@laurabitz: What gets me is the weird plastic shine, but I'm also kinda fascinated with how they don't just fall out.

Update! Gravitational pull of Christina Aguilera's cleavage has been confirmed for me by a friend who's a fake scientist.

@colinmochrie: Me, I'd go halfsies with the future. / RT "The future holds exciting possibilities. I, on the other hand, hold a sandwich."

12 September 2012

Welch's Concord Grape is my new jam.

@AchingHope: What are you going to do with two philosophy majors?!? / RT "Guys! Guys! I can double major in philosophy!!"

In a parallel universe populated by talking animals, Brian Lambkin has just been told that he has a gnu follower on Twitter.

13 September 2012

Okay, I fibbed. Welch's Concord Grape is not my new jam. It has been my jam for several years now.

Country Bear Jamboree is not my new jamboree, but it's been my only jamboree for as long as I can remember. That has to count for something.

Shouldn't we have had a viral video of Obi-Wan Direction singing "Yoda Knows You're Beautiful" by now?

14 September 2012

If I have to "like" you on Facebook to vote in your poll or enter your contest after you E-mailed me then I don't like you.

So everyone's medical info is being sold online? Have fun wading through all my crap, scammers — and lemme know if you figure anything out!

Yeah, I worry about my privacy, but overall I'm probably good until they kidnap and break Kelly at Supercuts.

I'm a little afraid that Twitter's random-unfollow behavior will escalate so I've been keeping an eye on my magazine subs and car insurance.

15 September 2012

@GailSimone: I sure won't be reading Love in the Time of Paul Ryan. / RT "I actually think I like I like cholera better than Paul Ryan."

"Unchained Melody": Righteous Brothers classic. "Chained Melody": Skeevy, dark Josie & The Pussycats fanfic.

@DocShaner: Nooooo! She'll free the oxen! / RT "Thinking about taking Oli to the zoo today."

Twitter's bugging me. On purpose? Dunno... It has not yet told me that it doesn't mean to bug me. Nor has it asked Edge to play the blues.

Cat is meowing at the back door with mouse in her mouth, indignant that I won't let her in. "Daa-ad! Daaa-aa-aaad!" Teenagers.

I love visiting my grandmom because she's her, but it's amazing in general to talk to someone born during Woodrow Wilson's first term as President.

Status: Going through the Sunday-paper coupons on a Saturday evening. Nice to be ahead of schedule on something.

17 September 2012

Is there anyone else in popular music as supportive as the Pips are in "Midnight Train to Georgia"? #UhUh #No #UhUh

18 September 2012

"Yeah, I got a haircut." "It looks like you got lots of hairs cut. Ha ha ha!" "...Right. Enjoy your basesball game."

19 September 2012

Serena Williams' ass could kick Kim Kardashian's ass's ass. [Serena Williams liked this enough to re-twit it, by the way.]

20 September 2012

I am my grandfather's grandson. Sometimes the holes on the lid of a jar of grated parmesan cheese are just a quaint suggestion.

5YO nephew: "Even in my mommy's belly I was really smart at thinking."

Kid to my sister re my 5YO nephew, code-named Ishmael: "Are you Ishmael's mommy?" Sister (happy): "Yes!" Kid (dour): "Ishmael's my enemy."

21 September 2012

Local news reports "a car turning into a group of people". That's gotta be one big Transformer.

#FakeNews: Zen boy band All Directions now recording ballad of contentment "That's What Makes a Buddha Full".

I just unlocked the sticker for a FourSquare badge on Tumblr with GetGlue for my Facebook timeline Google Plus buzzword buzzword.

22 September 2012

Twitter's messing with my feed (again). Not only are my Twits missing, others' Twits are showing up multiple times.

I bet nobody ever messed with Secretariat's feed.

#FakeNews: Thieves crash truck into set of Star Trek sequel looking for iPhone 5s on Enterprise bridge.

#FakeNews: Release of iPhone 5 almost delayed because they remembered to cross the t's but, embarrassingly, forgot to dot the i's.

Can 8th graders on Facebook opt to "like but not, y'know, like like" somebody?

23 September 2012

How did it take me this long to realize that George Will is the passive-aggressive brother of Father Mulcahey on MASH?

25 September 2012

It's always strange to hear Dylan sing "Lay Lady Lay" in that voice that's like the love child of Boz Scaggs and Kermit the Frog.

I'm going Twitter silent for a while. Everybody keep getting along now!


Joan Crawford said...

Oh, I never knew that the kid was the "bat-mitzvah". I thought the bat-mitzvah was the ceremony. Look at this goy, sorta learning stuff.

Blam said...

The phrases "bar mitzvah" (for boys) and "bat mitzvah" (for girls) are used both ways.

Since "bar" and "bat" mean "son" and "daughter" respectively — although "son" in Hebrew is actually "ben"; "bar" comes from Aramaic — the names technically, albeit metaphorically, refer to the kids who are becoming adults in the eyes of Jewish law rather than to the ceremony itself: "Please join us when our son David is called as a bar mitzvah." They've long since ended up as shorthand for the ceremonies, too, however.

Now that I think about it, too, when the phrase is used to refer to the ceremony in casual speak it's Anglicized as "bar/bat mitz-vuh" but when it's used more formally to refer to the honoree him/herself, at least in my experience, it's given the Hebrew pronunciation of "bar/bat meetz-vah."

The word "mitzvah" has meanings of both "commandment" and "good deed". You might hear it used in the latter sense when someone says "It's a mitzvah" about somebody doing something kind for someone else, whereas in the phrase "bar/bat mitzvah" it connotes a child reaching adulthood in Jewish law and becoming responsible for observing the commandments in the Torah. Kids who aren't yet a bar or bat mitzvah — or who haven't yet been bar- or bat-mitzvah'd, as is more commonly said in English, per your confusion — aren't expected to fast on Yom Kippur, for instance.

I've just formally joined a synagogue for the first time in my adult life, but none of the above should be considered more than a casual explanation from a largely secular Jew who's really only interested in the religion that he inherited as a matter of tradition and community.

Arben said...

That screencap is totally awesome.

I'm sorry you're off Twitter, because I think that it's a good promotional tool and because I enjoy your more random Twitticisms, but I totally understand the time-suck thing.

Your refurbished logo is great, too, by the way. The dropshadow and tighter kerning are both great choices. Maybe it's a slightly brighter color or maybe it's just the dropshadow making it pop, but the blue letters are so bright (in a good way) they look like wet paint.

El Qué said...

@Joan: Look at this goy
And turn to stone? No thank you!
@Blam: I've just formally joined a synagogue for the first time in my adult life
Mazel tov, boychik!
@Arben: the blue letters are so bright (in a good way) they look like wet paint
I licked the screen and it's definitely not wet paint. Nice logo spiffin', though, mein kleiner Blammer, I agree!

Blam said...

@Arben: Your refurbished logo is great, too, by the way. The dropshadow and tighter kerning are both great choices.

I like it, and thanks... Without any serious graphics applications on this laptop, it's a lot harder to manipulate text like I'm used to — there's no simple kerning or leading adjustment, for instance; I have to treat the text as graphics and cut/paste/move stuff.

@LK: I licked the screen and it's definitely not wet paint.

You know, I believe you.

El Qué said...

I think you're just jealous that the screen got licked instead of you. ^_^

Teebore said...

I too have found Twitter to be a hideous time suck, so I made the decision to not concern myself with reading EVERYTHING in my feed. Now I just tweet when I have something to say and read my feed when I need to kill some time, rather than making the time to stay current on it at all times.

The trade off is that I'm sure I'm missing some great exchanges or witty comments, but at least it frees up some time for other things (it also helps that I can just throw up my feed on a monitor at work, and thus stay quasi-current at least during working hours).

Also, you're right: Colin Mochrie is definitely Mr. Mxyzptlk.