Greatly Reduced Expectations

The downside to not sharing my entries in hashtag sprees within a day or so of them being a thing on Twitter, whether as part of a "Twitticisms" post or in a Top X list like the one that follows, is, I've come to realize, that anyone interested in heading over to Twitter to see the full range of contributions will turn up zilch.

Maybe a hashtag comes back into fashion or someone joins in late or a totally different group of people hit on the same idea, maybe, but those earlier entries are gone. Twits seem to leave Twitter's institutional memory pretty quickly, unless there are tricks to its search function I don't know about (which is very, very possible). You can at least head to my own Favorites on Twitter, scroll down a bit, and see a heaping handful of others' offerings that I found amusing enough to save. It's not at all the same, though, as being in the thick of it — and this one, #unpromisingsequels, was a good one; I was immensely grateful to have a clear, quick-thinking head for as long as I did.

Here, in roughly the order I posted them, save for the favorite that I've moved to the end, are my...

Top Thirty (Yes, Thirty!) Unpromising Sequels

30. The Day After the Day After

29. Hastily-Dressed Lunch

28. Reincarnation of a Salesman

27. Acquaintances on a Train

26. Love in the Time of Cholera Vaccines

25. The Executive Producers

24. Fiddler at the Window: Allegro!

23. Sgt. Pepper's Well-Adjusted, Engagingly Social Hearts Club Band

22. Evaporation Man

21. The Well-Scrubbed Dozen

20. Admiral EO

19. Monday in the Park without George

18. Gödel, Escher, Bachman-Turner Overdrive

17. Now We Are Sixty

16. To Have or... No, No, I Decided, To Have, Yeah.

15. Lawnmower Boy: The Adventures of Lawnmower Man When He Was a Boy

14. Partial Recall; or, We Can Try to Remember It for You Retail

13. Spamalittlemore

12. Mrs. Saigon-Goldfarb

11. Joseph and the Mildly Diverting Kodachrome Dreamvest

10. Are You There, Jesus? It's Me, Margaret, and Your Dad's, Like, Totally Zoned Out or Something

9. Charlie and the Carob Factory

8. Where the Sidewalk Picks Up Again

7. Atlas Regained His Balance

6. Tommy II: Cochlear Implant

5. Mary PopoZão

4. Damn Mets

3. The Lamb Lies Down One Street Over From Broadway

2. Bohemian Spotify

And My Number One Unpromising Sequel...

1. Oh Look, Alice Moved Back In

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