Or, if you prefer, Spockulation... That's Leonard Nimoy hitting the skins next to Adam West.

Hungry Like Marv Wolfman

My old buddy Stefan Blitz, proprietor of Forces of Geek, mused on Twitter several weeks ago that if he opened a restaurant built around the theme of people who created comics the menu would include Joe Quesadilla, Howard Chicken, and Darwyn Cookies.

This means nothing if you aren't in the loop and don't appreciate the puns, but I got more than a smile out of it — I got a hashtag challenge.

So, adapted for the blog, here are my...

Top Twenty Dishes, Drinks, and Desserts
Served at the Comics-Creators Cafe

20. Karen Burgers

19. Gary Franks

18. Steak Ditko

17. Tuna Isabella

16. Veal Adams

15. Clams Robins

14. P. Craig Mussels

13. Marie Severin-Layer Dip

12. Nachos Whedon

Neil Armstrong 1930-2012

We lost Neil Armstrong to the stars on Saturday at the age of 81.

Neil Armstrong in the Eagle module after the moonwalk.
Photo: Buzz Aldrin for NASA.

An obituary up on the NASA website includes excerpts from and links to statements from the Armstrong family, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, and President Barack Obama. The page also has embedded video of Armstrong and links to information on the historic moon landing of July 20th, 1969.

You can find The New York Times' front page for that day online, in miniature, along with the text of John Noble Wilford's article. Worth a look too, but not for delicate sensibilities, is The Onion's mockup of how that satirical paper would've run the story.

Twitticisms & TCB

First up are a few bits of blog business, followed by the second installment of your humble host's Twitter postlets.

My clean-up work is moving along steadily if far more slowly than I'd hoped. I can say the same for my various online endeavors, including but not limited to the formal move of Blam's Blog to a new home outside the bare-bones redundant echoes I'd set up on Blogger, WordPress, and TypePad for emergency activation after I confirmed vandalism hackage here. Yeah, I know, it seems like I've been talking about that almost since the blog began. As long as the blog is being updated and isn't being moved, however, I want to make it look as good and operate as cleanly as possible within the Blogger framework. I'm fairly pleased with how that's going, at least.

The service — a term that constantly tempts me to place irony quotes around it (I stop when I remember that it's free and that I have no-one to blame for me sticking around but myself) — did fix some of the comments bugs that I complained about during its latest would-be upgrade, although there remain plenty of changes to Blogger's behind-the-scenes features that defy belief. Example: Labels are no longer listed down the side of our Dashboard's (I think it's all called the Dashboard) Posts view; I now have to scroll through the Label selection in a small pop-up window, no alphabetical jumps by keystroke allowed. Blogger still gets points for spam control, however.

Hello, Goodbye

Photo: Jeff Robertson / AP © 2012

Aloha, Shane Victorino!

I'm a few weeks late in bidding a fond farewell to the Flyin' Hawaiian, traded by the Phillies on July 31st to the LA Dodgers — the team that drafted him back in 1999, although his Major League debut came with San Diego. The Padres got him as a Rule 5 selection, just as the Phils did a couple of years later. During his Phillies tenure the goofy, hardscrabble Victorino was sent to two All-Star Games, rode in one World Series parade, and got lodged in the hearts of thousands if not millions of fans.

Everybody Wong Foo Tonight

The blog's faithful readers know that from time to time I've shared my submissions to an online Top Ten contest held regularly at CBS's Late Show with David Letterman website.

A few months ago, I put up a post with my riffs on a Twitter hashtag begun by Tony Isabella (@TonyIsabella), writer of and about comics, champion of the oppressed, scourge of the unjust. I knew that I'd be joining Twitter sooner rather than later, and it dawned on me that when I collected my Top Ten entries on a dedicated page here on Blam's Blog — which should be happening shortly — I could throw any hashtag-spree contributions into the mix. What I didn't know was that the online Top Ten contest, along with the weekly Late Show E-mail newsletter, would shortly be coming to an abrupt end.

I participated in the quite enjoyable #badnoir hashtag a day into my Twitterpation, as seen in my first collection of Twitticisms, but I left out of that post a little bout of hashtag humor that I started myself — the result of a pithy Twit of Julius Sharpe's (@juliussharpe) reTwtitted by the lovely and palindromic Hannah Kincade (@HannahKincade), which read "I think every movie should be personally addressed to Wong Foo".

Sharpe was, of course, referring to the 1995 film To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar.

Five-Panel Draw

I was quite taken by the following sequence from The Uncanny X-Men #166, dated Feb. 1983.

Excerpt from The Uncanny X-Men #166 © 1982 and characters TM/® Marvel Comics.
Script: Chris Claremont. Pencils: Paul Smith. Inks: Bob Wiacek. Colors: Glynis
Wein/Oliver. Letters: Tom Orzechowski. Editing: Louise Jones/Simonson.

The set of five panels is at the bottom of Pg. 12 of the issue's extra-length story, "Live Free or Die!", drawn by Paul Smith in his second issue as penciler of the series.

If you're unfamiliar with the issue and would like some context, you can head over to my blog-buddy Teebore's post on it — the reason I was rereading the issue in the first place. What I have to say about the panels below is taken from comments I made there, but I thought I'd repost the passage here even though I'm on some semblance of a vacation. It seems fitting to be publishing this analysis online from the same library where I did my first historical and critical reading about comics 35 years ago.

Midsummer's Meaning

With new posts being sparse here lately and several months having passed since my last volley of word-verification definitions, I declare it to be time for another.

The backlog is growing short, as I wrote earlier this year, thanks to Blogger's switch in formats yielding less choice material. I'll probably close the door on this series after a few more installments, based on current reserves and the sluggish pace at which new entires are added to my stockpile, whereas for quite some time after I began the well was replenished at a strong, steady pace. You are hereby referred to my stand-alone page collecting past entries, where this phenomenon is explained, if it's unfamiliar to you.

agamsee — [uh gam see] phr. Edward G. Robinson pointing out some dame's leg.

clonyma — [kloh nee mah] n. Your mother's genetically engineered duplicate.

counduct — [kown dukt] n. How Dracula behaves.

daymews — [day myooz] pl.n. My cat's morning wake-up sounds.

eReesen. A peanut-butter cup you can eat in Second Life. (Is that still a thing?)

frisaint — [frih zaint] n. The sensation of lacking the thrill that those around you are feeling.

hemizend — [heh mee zend] n. Where East meets West.

ladvat — [lad vat] n. Melting pot for reconstituting unwanted male members of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Nausol™ — [naw sol] The world's leading nauseating aerosol product.