I've been on Twitter — @BrianLamken — for close to three weeks now.

Overall, it's gone pretty much as I'd expected: I got back in touch with some folks from my life in the comics sphere. I sent out the occasional pithy, humorous Twits, or 
so I'd like to think; only the "occasional" part is for me to judge. I found myself a bit at sea, unaware of certain jargon and traditions, overwhelmed by the number of messages from various feeds that I wanted to follow, and uneducated in certain aspects of le Twittage. I rued not being able to read or reply to Twits for entire days, just as I regularly do my inability to get all manner of other stuff done, although it's a happy thing at least that lately what's exhausting me so is spending as much time as possible reading to, playing with, and just soaking up my visiting sister's beautiful kids. I decided rather masochistically to follow more folks every time I reached a passable equilibrium of what to skim, what to skip, and what to engage with through link-clicking or conversation of the feeds I already followed.

With this year's State of the Blog post and some other articles of self-examination planned for not too far down the pike, I'll hold off on further handwringing here. I do want to share, as promised, some select Twits from these early days of my Twittertude. I've taken the liberty of italicizing handles and hashtags, which on Twitter are links, as well as the usual things you'd italicize but which on Twitter one has to capitalize or (my preference) place in single quotes. Also, I've conjoined serial Twits that on Twitter were separated by the ol' ellipsis.

You can view my latest handful of Twits, including reTwits of others, in the sidebar gadget at left. For more you can click on the bottom or top of it or otherwise click my handle at the start of this post; from my profile page there you can also see some Twits of others that I've marked as favorites.

I'll make this a periodic thing unless I decide not to.

1 July 2012

I am now on Twitter.

Lots of folks told me that I'd never be able to use Twitter because I'm so wordy, and frankly that's one of the reasons why I took so long t

2 July 2012

[First up on this date are my entries in a hashtag spree that I decided to join; anyone who cares to participate contributes to the meme.]

Doublemint Indemnity #badnoir
Polyp Fiction #badnoir
Dial 'M' for Mordor #badnoir (one hell of a mashup, though)
Chynna Phillips Town #badnoir
Dial 867-5309 for Jenny #badnoir
Kiss Me Bo Diddley #badnoir
Farewell My Leaflet #badnoir
The Asphalt Kringle #BadNoir #GrittySantaMovies
Captain America and The Maltese Falcon #BadNoir #GreatCrossover
I Am a Fugitive from 'Our Gang' #badnoir

The Ring-Man Always Posts Twice #GreenLanternsMalfunctioningBlogSoftware

Has anyone used Kickstarter to raise money for a documentary about motorcycles?

My profile pic in miniature looks like me in a Groucho mask. #Epiphany #ThoseAreMyRealEyebrows

The only way I'm following any of the Kardashians is alphabetically. #UnwantedTwitterRecommendations

4 July 2012

Love "Werewolves of London". Like "Sweet Home Alabama". Hate Kid Rock's "All Summer Long" with a fiery passion.

5 July 2012

"The Phanatic Dangle Hat Frenzy is heating up!" I never thought I'd have to flag the official @Phillies Twitter feed for content.

Another white hair. Time to stop cutting the "Still Only 35¢!" off old Marvel covers, crossing out the "¢", and sticking them to my mirrors.

@Comixace: "towards the end"?!? RT "The key to Comic-Con planning is remembering that everyone else is just as nutty as you towards the end"

My E-mail spellcheck recognizes neither "Bieber" nor "Kardashians". I'm jealous.

Ambush Bug's song of the summer? "Call Me Mopee"
"I think my or'gin / Could be more dopey / I'd like to change it / So call me, Mopee"

6 July 2012

Vince Colletta's favorite movie: Eraserhead (#RandomMeanVinceCollettaHumor)

"Did anybody do a background check on this guy?" (#RandomMeanVinceCollettaHumor)

Vince Colletta's least favorite magazine: Details

All that said, I'm among those who appreciated a lot of his DC romance work and even his inking over Kirby on Marvel's Thor.

It still doesn't compute that Mets' Freddie Freeman can draw a walk, let alone score a run. #ComicsGuyBaseballGuy

Here's a story. During the 30 minutes of Regal Cinemas' "They're not commercials!" infotainment (which is broken up by commercials) that aired before my screening of #ASM, there was a sneak peek behind the scenes of... wait for it... The Amazing Spider-Man. So a punk kid in my row (who came dressed as Spider-Man) yells, "This movie looks great! Anyone know when it's coming out?" I actually wanted to high-five the bastard.

7 July 2012

That's how you get blinded. #CueThomasDolby RT @geridiorio @neilhimself "You should count fireflies for science!"

8 July 2012

11 o'clock news: "Hunter Pence scores without running into the third-base coach." Only amusing thing about the #Phils game today.

ReTwit if when you shoo a bug away from your face you can't help but growl "Nnnnn! Fire bad!" #OrIsItJustMe

Cat kneads on my bladder at 3:30 a.m., like 41-year-old men need reminding to pee in the middle of the night. #MustSleepOnMySide

9 July 2012

Grew out a foot-long ponytail twice in the last decade for #LocksOfLove; got a haircut the other day and kinda wish I'd saved one of 'em.

11 July 2012

Earlier: Playing with kids. Now: Ice pack; Tylenol. Later: Heating pad. Tomorrow: More of the same. #CirrrcleOfLife

Love that my sister's kids feed on comics, superheroes, cartoons, etc. like me. Hate Jar-Jar and Venom being part of diet. #GenerationGap

I had to ask Google "How do Supreme Court decisions not get leaked?" And it turns out the staff is just professional. #Win ... BUT... Google asked me if I meant "How do Supreme Court decisions not get naked?" #Fail

13 July 2012

Where do you buy your shopping lists? @GailSimone: "Still haven't had a chance to shop for my shopping list yet..."

16 July 2012

#TheNewsroom opening = Enterprise opening - space + newsrooms - Diane Warren lyrics + The West Wing opening - White House

Very minor spoiler / joke from last night's #Newsroom: Lady who had concealed gun in purse was named Carrie. Ha! #IGetIt

@AchingHope: Plethora — a lot of Norse thunder gods.

Congrats to @nikki_stafford on getting a Mr. Pointy at #Slayage! (This message is totally safe for work, I promise.)

18 July 2012

@neilhimself: "Stopped after 1.7 miles because lightning & thunder got too loud & too close." Reports of Marvel Family in that area today.

20 July 2012

That's what Fred Willard said? RT @HannahKincade: "I gave it my best. It's out of my hands now."

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