June Bugs

Cover to Avengers Vol. I #161 © 1977 Marvel Comics.

50 years ago today, Marvel Comics debuted three characters that became cornerstones of its fabled fictional universe: Spider-Man, in Amazing Fantasy #15; Thor, in Journey into Mystery #83; and Ant-Man, in Tales to Astonish #35.

When this post first went up I used it to talk a bit about Henry Pym — the original Ant-Man, who'd actually been seen in one previous story before his reintroduction as a costumed superhero — as well as to look ahead to planned posts commemorating the trio of milestone anniversaries. Now that most content related to comics history has been culled from the blog (long and difficult story as to why), this post is basically just here for the cover. It's a favorite from my childhood and a great way to acknowledge the start of the summer season, at least if you think on my wavelength.

May both your picnics and your technology be free of bugs, and may your social gatherings never be disrupted by brainwashed, dissociative-identity genius scientists with the power to control them...

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