Tents Moments

We're halfway through Season Two of HBO's Game of Thrones. I hope that means only another month or so of me being compelled to do this stuff.

Above is from Episode 4, "Garden of Bones".

Next up — which if you're viewing this from a main or category page means after the ol' jump — is from Episode 5, "The Ghosts of Harrenhal". Since that's the latest episode and the gag deals with a shocking plot point, I'm compelled to add a spoiler alert here for those behind in their viewing.

I've lightened both screencaps because they were rather murky.

You're more than welcome to repost these on blogs and other social-media platforms 
as long as you link back here and don't repurpose them for financial gain. Clicking on either image will show them at larger size in their Picasa album, which also houses previous efforts. I have some earlier creations along the same lines there too.

Old friend and sometime creative collaborator Arben thought that the pun in the image below didn't really land, by the way. He'd seen my alternate take on the same theme and preferred it, so after some pestering I swapped that one in and later moved it to the top of the post; the other version is below and I'm curious to hear comments on which one works better for you.

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Batcabbage said...

Ha! Very nice, Blam. Love the warning. I too find Mellisandre quite seductive, but after seeing a woman give birth to a smoke assassin... I dunno. I mean, I like a little mystery as much as the next guy, but that.... that was disturbing.

Also, love the scene from the first one.

"You killed my husband!"

"No I didn't."

"You totally did!"

"No, I totally tried to save him."

"By fucking killing him?!"

"..... No I didn't. Wanna get some pizza?"

Blam said...

Yeah, Baelish is pretty deluded there.

I still have a trio of pieces starring Littlefinger from the first couple of episodes of the season to put up, by the way. They were among a few posts that I tried to schedule in advance last weekend that not only didn't publish but reverted to earlier drafts because, well, Blogger is crazy that way. I hope to turn my attention to getting them straightened out after/if/when some Avengers-oriented posts go up right these next few days.

Arben said...

The first one you posted is clever, it's just that the alternate version (to me) has the zeitgeisty song-title pun going for it as well as a more immediate recognition of the beheaded-Ned pun.

Blam said...

Man, Google services are in rare form lately... Blogger started giving me trouble with posting last weekend; then Picasa starting replacing recent images with blank white space, making it even harder to keep on top of the Blogger problems; and now Blogger's duplicating comments (which, in the scheme of things, is hardly a nuisance).

I've just swapped the placement of the "original" and "alternate" versions of the Catelyn/Baelish pictogag, as long as I had to redo and reinsert them into the post anyway.