I never thought I'd be linking to Perez Hilton, but in honor of tonight's season premiere of Glee (at 8 p.m. ET on Fox) I can't help pointing you to a most excellent video clip featuring my favorite character on the show.

Heather Morris does the voodoo that she does so well — and which I've praised before — in "A Day in the Life of Brittany S. Pierce". If you watch Glee, you already know that you want to see this. If you don't, you should still be able to enjoy it on its own; in fact, I dare you to watch until (or just skip to) the 0:45 mark, when Brittany explains why she's riding a bike, and not keep going. 
You can thank my sister.

While Oxygen's summer reality-competition series The 'Glee' Project explored (and named its episodes after) such themes as individuality, generosity, and theatricality, it noticeably skimped on testing the kids' acting prowess outside of music-video shoots. I was impressed by many of the contestants' voices and general charm, but as talented, moving, and charismatic as they were it's unlikely that the producers will luck out the way they did when Morris was brought in to teach the Glee cast some choreography and stuck around in a background role that became a singular breakout. One can only wish that the show were as consistent with her and everyone else's character as this clip is despite its "meta" nature.

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