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The blog's drought should be ending soon, as my computer is expected to be home in full working order tomorrow. 

I feel awful about the lack of posts here over the past few weeks and will do my best to make it up to you with as much material as possible published as quickly as possible. One silver lining in all of this — very long in coming, to be sure — is that while a tech at the local Apple Store was diagnosing my laptop's latest round of hardware problems he was finally able to replicate the connectivity issues that have plagued me for years, so between our house's recent switch from Comcast to Verizon FiOS and the laptop's new AirPort card there will, fingers crossed, be a lot less trouble with the WiFi.

Update: Not everything is going smoothly with restoring backups to the laptop's new hard drive, but hopefully that will get sorted out — and luckily I saved some recent files whole to a flash drive in case I got the chance to work on them somehow while my computer was being serviced. Last month I missed the opportunity to publish my review of the Thor movie while my laptop's logic board was being replaced; this month my Airport problems, a screwy router, the symptoms of the failing hard drive, and the absence of my computer to replace the hard drive have spanned my X-Men: First Class review and the beginnings of one on Super 8, not to mention the big news from DC Comics a few weeks ago. My top priorities are going to be a series of posts on that last subject and possibly an entry on True Blood as its new season begins, with some of the film reviews likely booted until their DVD releases to make them timely again.

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Teebore said...

Huzzah! Blam's back!