The Vampire Slayer Diaries: Update

While I've fallen behind in discussion on the Great Buffy Rewatch being hosted over at Nik at Nite — and the conversation, sadly, is at least half the fun (the other half, of course, is plowing through the series itself) — I'm up to date in my viewing; I only hope that having a lot less new TV to watch means that doubling my weekly indulgence when Angel is added to the mix doesn't totally bust my schedule.

The Rewatch continues tomorrow night with the beginning of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Four, which is a tremendously mixed bag to fans. It has some really interesting ideas and introduces or reintroduces characters that will become crucial to the show, but it also hinges on some elements that are widely maligned. Meanwhile, Season One of spinoff Angel, which launched right after Buffy's Season Four premiere on The WB and occasionally crossed over with the mothership before BTVS jumped to UPN following Season Five, expanded Joss Whedon's "Slayerverse" in new directions.

Rewatch guru Nikki Stafford and her cadre of guest critics aren't explicitly writing about Angel, but it's highly recommended for new and returning viewers to go whole hog. I found what looks like a pretty solid recommended viewing order for rewatching Buffy and Angel together, "designed for minimum disc switching" while still keeping any shared or parallel narratives in the right sequence, but I can't totally vouch for it until I follow it; this is actually my first comprehensive Buffy Rewatch.

Hopes of blogging my Rewatch experience in even rough contemporaneity with the Nik at Nite proceedings have long since been dusted. I've written plenty about Season One, though, and I'm still taking notes each week, so at some point "The Vampire Slayer Diaries" will continue with actual episode commentary — maybe even catching up with the Rewatch schedule down the line. I clearly won't be able to supplement the BTVS-only offerings at Nik at Nite with weekly guides to what's happening concurrently on Angel, however, because I'm just too backlogged with material here.

For those of you just joining me here or the larger group of us in the Rewatch, I'll close out with links to my preamble on this series of posts, my review of the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, the Nik at Nite viewing schedule for the Rewatch, and the running archive of pointers to Rewatch discussion over there, which includes analysis from such academics and authors as David Lavery, Jennifer Kate Stuller, David Kociemba, Matthew Pateman, and Janet / Steve Halfyard.

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Teebore said...

Sadly, I too have fallen behind with the conversation on Nikki's blog, and any hopes of simultaneously blogging Angel have evaporated as well.

Ah well, such is life, I suppose.