Table Talk

I'm dipping into my store of delightful stories about the next generation to keep
content flowing here while preparing some longer posts. The following exchange occurred at dinnertime a year ago. Ishmael was not yet three.

Ishmael: "Where's Daddy?"

Mommy: "At work."

Ishmael: "No, Daddy is in the shower."

Mommy: "Good guess! But he's at work."

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Joan Crawford said...

Haha! I remember asking my mom if my dad was a gigolo when I was 6. I had seen a movie advertised about a gigolo and he wore a suit and worked in an office... so I put two and two together and went around telling people that's what my dad was. My mom laughed and said "Pfft, he wishes." I didn't get it for years.

Another time we were watching Peter Rabbit as a family and there is one line that goes "Suddenly, Peter heard a hoe in the garden." And my mom was like "Hey there, Fella, how are ya?" and my dad was all "Going my way?" and they carried on like this and giggled through the rest of the movie.
Again, didn't get it for years and now that I do, I am grossed out by their playful affection. Inappropriate!