M Is for...

... Meaning, which I tend to use in some form or another to title a list of word-verification definitions, but also mourning and a myriad of other things that have kept me from posting, as well as mulling over how to publish the content currently in the pipeline for this blog, including another annual March of Comics.

actato — n. [ak tay toh] Spud that doth trod the boards.

countog — 1. n. [kownt ahg] Person who monopolizes all the enumeration. 2. (Count O.G.) [kownt oh jee] Little-seen "original gangsta" version of Sesame Street's The Count.

duractr — n. [dur ak tur] A really stupid piece of farming equipment.

eouns — pl. n. [ee ahnz] Variant British spelling of eons: "That is my favourite colour in eouns."

eurth — n. [yurth] Ground bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Africa, Asia, and the Arctic Circle.

Flutrina™ — [floo tree nuh] Nutritional supplement formulated for wind-instrument players.

hestes — pl. n. [hess teez] What revealed the Greek goddess of the hearth to actually be a dude 
(from Hestia + testes)

leupsyz — n. [loop siz] The alignment of sun and moon in syzygy as seen from the Bavarian village of Leupoldsdorf.

matheth — v. [math eth] Perform equations in little-known Shakespearean Geometry.

menta — n. (Yiddish) [men tuh] A psychic yenta (the most dangerous kind).

pacton —n. [pak ton] A subatomic particle that promises not to collide with any other particles if they reciprocate.

premprot — n. [prem praht] An estrogen-based android (from Prempro + robot).

protedis — adj. [pro teh deez] Favoring a woman's nighttime unmentionables.

remani — n. [reh mah nee] Gypsy who decides to stay in one place.

sumSAB — n. [sum sab] Total enrollment in New York's School of Ballet.

Spones™ — [spohnz] "Do you like your soup served in edible bread bowls? Then you'll love Spones: It's a spoon... It's a scone... It's a Spone!"

thesqui — excl. [thuh skwih] Warning shouted in somewhat less than the nick of time during an attack by a giant cephalopod.


Joan Crawford said...

Hestes! Hehehe! How are you doing, BlamBot?

Ha! A new pun :)

Rebecca T. said...

Actato almost made me choke on my soda. My nose tickles now.

Also Flutrina and Spones. HA!

I love these posts :)