Robot Chicken

First panel: A man (?) in a suit, or really a bare skull floating above a filled-out suit with no visible neck joining him to a body, asks 'Hey, Dave, Why did the chicken cross the road?' The very large beetle he is dangling from a string, no seriously, replies 'I dunno. To get to the other side?' The skull-man says 'Nope...' Second panel: A giant man/chicken/machine cyborg, standing upright but with talons and a rooster head, bolts sticking out of its anthropomorphic torso, in the street of an Old World town, says '... to get revenge!' Small inset: 'The End'.
Script, Pencils, Inks: Mike Mignola. Colors: Dave Stewart. Letters: Clem Robins.

I often don't have easy access to my scanner, as space here at Blam's Blog HQ is at
a premium. When it sits unused for a while, stuff gets piled in front or even on top of
it — and the inertia of its inaccessibility only perpetuates the problem.

Therefore, I'm frequently grabbing images already available online for a post, even
if that post reviews something that I own and could scan if the scanner were ready to go. Such was the case with Mike Mignola's excellent hardcover The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Objects, which I wrote up last month. I didn't find much from the book online, alas, but I did discover something fascinating in a Comic-Book Resources forum: those delightfully bizarre panels above. The contributor said he found them when doing a Web search on a previous, French edition of Screw-On Head (which has different contents, some of which are presciently — or I suppose aprèsciently — mentioned in my review as theoretical companion pieces). Since this image turned up in the very search that one would execute to find context for the image, the results of
my poking around are predictably recursive. I have no idea whether "The End" signifies that a longer strip came before this or whether it's an absurdist punctuation to the gag in its entirety, but if the latter is the case I'm not so sure this would pass fair-use copyright muster. [Update #1: My link to that CBR forum is now invalid. Update #2: My Screw-On Head review now has better, deliberately chosen illustrations.]

I can't keep up with even the most celebrated comics these days due simply to sheer volume, but The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Objects was one of my favorite things from last year, and it requires no knowledge of any grand mythology — just good taste, a properly skewed sense of humor, and a heart.

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