Flaming Out

Whether the failure to publish a post explaining that it's been difficult to publish posts is ironic or merely emblematic of the problem is a much more legitimate debate than is to be had for most of the examples in that damned Alanis Morissette song. (Rain on your wedding day? I admit that it would probably suck, but, I'm sorry, it's not ironic unless you're a meteorologist.) Either way it's a sad fact that the blog has lain fallow for weeks while some posts built up and, once it became clear that getting them online just was not in the cards, even more were abandoned unfinished in favor of efforts demanding similar energies.

I did just get one dated post through Blogger's defenses, but the rest will have to remain due or discarded while the perfect storm of problems with Comcast, Blogger, and my own lack of productivity continues to call for the Devil Strength Tylenol from Hell emblem you see above, introduced last month. And that means it's time for another round of verification-word definitions; those to whom this is new will find an explanation at that boldfaced link, along with a collection of past entries — although given that every time I edit a post Blogger's gremlins insert new formatting freakishness for me to deal with I've taken to updating it with less frequency.

First, however, I thought I'd share a brief anecdote that comes to mind every time I use this image:

My brother-in-law wasn't familiar with Philadelphia when he arrived from the San Francisco Bay Area for graduate school. A friend he made, F, who came from Turkey, really didn't know what to expect, and F's fiancée L, also from Turkey, even less so. One evening, L shared with my sister and me, among others, the harrowing story of her introduction to this strange city — much vaster, less inviting, and more ethnographically alien than anything she'd experienced. She did arrive with a friend from Turkey, luckily, as F was typically occupied by the demands of his program, and found herself adjacent to campus in sprawling, unfamiliar environs at night, first scrounging for groceries and then settling in for a meal at McDonald's. It was frankly, L told us in her charming Eastern European accent, with far greater facility in English than any of us have in any other language but obviously not without its quirks, "scary." At one point, 
surrounded by the poverty-stricken and homeless, taking stock in that McDonald's with its harsh fluorescent lights a poor anchor of security amidst the cold, dark, urban indifference, L turned to her friend and said, "This is the Hell. We are in the Hell."

I think we can all relate to that sentiment at times.

Now onto the diabolical definitions...

antebibiphr. [an tee bee bee] How Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's poker buddies remind him to throw in the opening chips.

cardosm — n. [kard oz um] The result of enjoying shuffling a little too much.

Demactic™ — [dem ak tik] Probiotic yogurt for non-Republicans.

diatypn — n. [dy uh ty pin] Usage of more than one keyboard simultaneously.

endene — n. [en deen] The last element molecule of unsaturated hydrocarbons containing a double bond we will ever create or discover. (Nagging doubts to the rescue!)

firefib — n. [fiyr fib; fiy ur fib] Lies about arson.

hydrex — n. [hy dreks] 1. A divorced Atlantean. 2. A deceased many-headed snake. 3. The remains of a creme-filled chocolate sandwich cookie (syn., depending on brand: formoreos).

kabed — SFX [kuh bed] The noise made by an exploding futon.

literecu — n. [lee tur eh kyoo] Metric amount of pan-denominationalism.

luretrom — n. [loor trahm] Short for luretrombone. Brass instrument hexed with aphrodisiac spell.

marvitat — n. [mar vih tat] Habitat of the Marvel Family. (q.v. Fawcett City; Rock of Eternity)

pection — n. [pek shun] Flexing of the chest muscles.

popier — adj. [poh pee ur] Having a greater amount of papal qualities — more Innocent, as it were.

prence — v. [prenss] Dance around British coins.

protedis — n. [pro teh deez] Favoring a woman's nighttime unmentionables.

quituf — v. [kwiht uff] How to stop doing something in pidgin Welsh.

ressu — excl. [ress oo] Scooby-Doo's response to a sneeze.

salicod — n. [say lih kod] Very salty fish.

USNAMPAS — [yoo ess nam pass] A joint project between the United States Naval Academy and the Association of Motion-Picture Arts & Sciences.

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Arben said...

I like "hydrex" very much and think "antebibi" is brilliant (if also a gimme), but, oh, I so want a plush futon that starts out as a couch and, with the push of a button, opens up by going "kabed". Hee!

VW: aunde — Joint venture between Australia and Delaware.