Swan Dive

I'm unsure of how to discuss Black Swan, or even my expectations of it, without possible spoilers. You've been warned.

Black Swan poster © 2010 Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Just about all of the essential ingredients of Black Swan show up right away, from the main character, Nina, to the central action, dance, to the recurring motif of mirrors and the intermittent diversions into fantasy and/or delusion.

Here's the basic plot for those who haven't seen the film — directed by 
Darren Aronofsky, whose career spans such respected work as 1998's π and 2008's The Wrestler — but decided to read on anyway:

Flaming Out

Whether the failure to publish a post explaining that it's been difficult to publish posts is ironic or merely emblematic of the problem is a much more legitimate debate than is to be had for most of the examples in that damned Alanis Morissette song. (Rain on your wedding day? I admit that it would probably suck, but, I'm sorry, it's not ironic unless you're a meteorologist.) Either way it's a sad fact that the blog has lain fallow for weeks while some posts built up and, once it became clear that getting them online just was not in the cards, even more were abandoned unfinished in favor of efforts demanding similar energies.

Alas, Poor Auric

Paul Drinkwater / Reuters © 2011

The Golden Globes ceremony is a live show, hosted by Ricky Gervais, populated by celebs drunk on camaraderie, self-congratulation, and, in some cases, alcohol. What pop-culture commentator of even minor order can resist that?

Robot Chicken

First panel: A man (?) in a suit, or really a bare skull floating above a filled-out suit with no visible neck joining him to a body, asks 'Hey, Dave, Why did the chicken cross the road?' The very large beetle he is dangling from a string, no seriously, replies 'I dunno. To get to the other side?' The skull-man says 'Nope...' Second panel: A giant man/chicken/machine cyborg, standing upright but with talons and a rooster head, bolts sticking out of its anthropomorphic torso, in the street of an Old World town, says '... to get revenge!' Small inset: 'The End'.
Script, Pencils, Inks: Mike Mignola. Colors: Dave Stewart. Letters: Clem Robins.

I often don't have easy access to my scanner, as space here at Blam's Blog HQ is at
a premium. When it sits unused for a while, stuff gets piled in front or even on top of
it — and the inertia of its inaccessibility only perpetuates the problem.

Therefore, I'm frequently grabbing images already available online for a post, even
if that post reviews something that I own and could scan if the scanner were ready to go. Such was the case with Mike Mignola's excellent hardcover The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Objects, which I wrote up last month.

The Vampire Slayer Diaries

"You ruined my new jacket. Kill him a lot!"

— Amilyn (Paul Reubens)

main poster of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' movie with Kristy Swanson on her knees in workout clothes holding a stake while Luke Perry looks out from behind her / 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Pert. Wholesome. Way lethal.'

The Great Buffy Rewatch is underway. First though, as promised in my preamble to what might but probably won't become a series of running posts during the event, I'm looking back at the movie that started it all.

I guess what actually spawned the TV series, along with the movie's relative success, was the movie's script — and I'm not just talking from a procedural standpoint. We'll get back to that.

Curls on Film

I'm not entirely sure why, but not only didn't I expect to like Disney's Tangled, I almost didn't want to like it.

All Tangled art © 2010 Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Much to my surprise, however, it was big bunches of delight — one of my favorite movies of the year.

(I came very close to putting up a best-of-year list on the blog, by the way, but decided I just wasn't omnivorous enough in my pop-cultural diet to have it mean much. Even more movies than usual have gone unseen lately, partly because I've been laid up just as the Oscar-bait onslaught hit, but hopefully I'll post reviews of flicks older and new in good time, as well as discuss them in the context of awards shows; more comics reviews are on the way, too, and so is a long-delayed post on the 2010-2011 TV season. That said, I did qualifiedly contribute a list of favorites to my friend Stefan Blitz's megablog Forces of Geek, which you can check out there.)


famed self-portrait of Vincent van Gogh in green coat and fur hat, smoking a pipe, with right side of head bandaged after self-mutilation, and stylized text reading 'Happy No Ear!'

I wish you all joy, contentment, and good health in 2011.

Thanks for reading Blam's Blog... And stay with it for more reviews, would-be humor, and complaints over the next 365 days!

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