Holiday Meaning

The setup of the blog's new home has been awfully slow going, while blogposts-to-be are piling up and getting stale, so I'm going to give publishing here another try for a limited run. Perhaps the spirit of the season will pervade even the grinchitude of Blogger's grinding gears... And of course there's no better way to kick things off than with a batch of word-verification definitions, collected and explained for the curious at that link.

apersedn. [ah pur sed] "&" with a cold.

brquan. [burr kwah] Ice water.

cesinema — n. [see zin eh muh] The niche film genre concerning movies made about the alkali element Cesium. (It's rare but it tends to get really big reactions.)

comotinn. [ko moh tin] A rather abbreviated commotion.

dessinub — n. [deh sah nub] What French people wear their pencils down to as they draw.

enzies — n. [en zeez] Adorable catalytic proteins.

facangsh — SFX [fuh kangzh] The sound of dropped pots and pans.

generoget — v. [jeen roh zhay] How to clone the thesaurus dude.

inessn. 1. [iy ness] The being of me. 2. [in ess] Surrounded by sibilance.

lizerap — n. [lih zuh rap] A reptile bustin' rhymes.

MasCom — The Spanish conglomerate that brings you more of everything.

mookd — v. (p.t.) [mookt] Toined inta some kinda knucklehead, see.

norecal — n. [no ree kal] An inability to get back units of energy.

peeste — adj. [peest] Julio Iglesias in a bad mood.

plogi — n. [plo gi] A particularly plump pierogi.

polog — n. [poh lahg] A really bad "cold open".

proinger — n. [proh in gur] One in favor of certain verb suffixes.

ratiop — n. [ray shee ahp] Clandestine mission involving relative values.

ressecti — excl. [ree sek tee] Hermione's favorite spell in Wizarding Biology. (The frogs are still dead, but at least they're back in one piece.)

RicoHerm — [ree koh hurm] Rico SuavĂ©'s multiple-genitaled sibling.

supects — pl. n. [suh pekts] The people who probably ate your dinner.

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