Veni, Vidi, Vacay

The blog is really and truly going on hiatus now. As evidenced by the fact that I've been trying to get a post up here for a couple of days, with the usual technical roadblocks preventing me from doing so, it's just better for me to stay away until everything's worked out well enough for it all to run more smoothly.

He's Good Enough for Me

As I wrote the other day, Cookie Monster has a new video out brought to you by the letters S, N, and L.

I've taken down that sidebar-gadget post, because there was no way to have it scroll along with regular dated posts instead of showing up at the top of every page of the blog, but I wanted to keep sharing this link. I'm also republishing another Sesame Street video whose formatting I couldn't straighten out before. I've been stockpiling videos to share, and if I don't relaunch the blog soon I might start rotating them into the sidebar.

Making Waves

I haven't entered The Late Show with David Letterman's online Top Ten Contest in a while now. And it's been longer still since I've posted any such entries here. Once upon a time, though, the former activity was a regular thing; I'd hoped it would lead to the latter becoming a regular thing as well, but, y'know, if wishes were horses then Robin Williams would've voiced the Genie in Seabiscuit (or however that saying goes).

The point is that I'm sharing this week's efforts. You can submit your own, from one to as many as you'd like, one at a time; I rarely come up with more than a few really good entries, plus a ringer that plays off Dave and his staff's recurring jokes when I can, but this week it worked out to an even...

Top Ten Things You Don't Want to Hear on Your Cruise Ship


If blogs were people and months were years, Blam's Blog would be old enough to drink as of yesterday — and I suspect it might be knocking back a stiff one. Since I've hit some snags in hooking up with a wireless plan to make up for the crap signal Comcast (ptui) sends to the house, I'm not quite ready to premiere BB:TNG; I think the more stable, flexible platform is a step up from here, but I won't really be taking advantage of it until I'm able to get and stay online at will. It's very near the final-tripwire deadline I'd set for myself to take a break from Blam's Blog to focus on some other projects, though, so pretty soon now it's going to be time to do what I can with what I have and then move on to conquering the Interwebs in other ways.

Clam Shill

While I'm pretty sure that everyone and their furry blue brother have successfully viralized this video already, just to do my part, here's Grover on a boat.

I have to hand it to Sesame Street for staying up on the pop culture through promo spots like this (parodying the instant-classic Old Spice ad with Isaiah Mustafa, although it would've been even more daring to put the loveable one on a boat with T-Pain and The Lonely Island), as well as through of-the-moment goofs and guest spots on the show itself, even if once in a great big while they go awry. [Update: I should have warned folks that this last link is to the infamous spot with Elmo and Katy Perry that Sesame Street decided to pull after outcry that her outfit was inappropriate.]