What the F---?

I spent long enough playing with yesterday's Google logo when it first came up — just screwing around, initially; then, say, trying to see how much you could mess up one letter without moving the balls in the other letters — that I forgot what I opened the page to search for, and in my head I let loose a silent "F---!"

And that reminded me of a couple of recent items I've been meaning to share, courtesy EW's PopWatch:

The official video for the song has come out since I first bookmarked it, so that's what's linked to above, although the original placeholder has its own charm.

Her object of affection is rhymingly described as "the greatest sci-fi writer in history" and celebrated his 90th birthday a couple of weeks ago. While the lyrics are crude, in the sense of not particularly inventive as well as scatological, the song definitely has its moments.

I'm not big on swearing. But I curse a heck of a lot more today than I did 20 years ago, for a variety of reasons. And as I've said before, I see the appeal and I'm perfectly willing to laugh at filthy dialogue or comedy routines if they're funny. Still, I know that "the F word" is utterly offensive to some folks, and that this blog could even get flagged for content if the word's spelled out, so when I've had occasion to reference some variation of "f---" I've resorted to either blanking out letters like I'm doing now — despite finding the practice hypocritical — or used an entirely unsatisfying substitution. What surprises me, as I offer yet more links that involve the word, is just how often it's been referenced here.

So for you folks who simply f---ing can't get enough of it, I've actually added "F---" as a label, and applied it to posts carrying the following material. Except for the first, the links below go straight to other sites rather than the previous posts of mine that included them, although you can find those posts by, uh, clicking the "F---" above.

Signs That Christian Bale Is Your Valentine [Feb. 14th, 2009]
• The F---ing Weather [Dec. 26th, 2009]
F---ing Movie Reviews [Dec. 26th, 2009]
• Lily Allen's "F--- You" [Feb. 14th, 2010]
• Casey Kasem Losing It in the Studio [Feb. 14th, 2010]
• Matthew Gasteier's F--- You, Penguin [Feb. 14th, 2010]

There may be more relevant posts, but since the "F---" label didn't exist until now I just went by memory. I find it curious that all of these date from either one of the past two Valentine's Days or the day after last Christmas; the fact that this post comes a day before the period of reflection and atonement that begins with Rosh HaShanah is, while not intentional, certainly serendipitous.


JS said...


Joan Crawford said...

I am quite taken with The F---ing Weather! It has a real charm I find. It's like inviting a hobo to dinner (one time only, Sloopy Sam) and being bewitched by his candor.

I have a book of short stories by Ray Bradbury, "One More For the Road" and it's pretty great.

I try not to use F--- in my comments and never in my posts. But sometimes you really *do* have to. I don't like swearing for the sake of it but I also don't like Puritanical writing either. Sometimes (well...more than sometimes), people are assholes and that's just the only word for it. I have to say really lame exclamations at home like, "For Crying Out Loud!" and "Gahhh!" because I have a Junior Member of the Thought Police following me around most of the time:

"The stupid car is broken again!"
"That's a bad word, Mom."
"Stupid isn't a 'bad' word."
"Well, it isn't a good word."


"So stop saying that, Mom. OK, do you really promise to stop saying it? Do you? Mom?"
"I'll try, Honey!"
"You really should."
"Yes, thank you. Are we done?"
"I can hear you from the living room..."

*small boy stares intently and then turns to leave*

My personal favorite is God Dammit! It's so satisfying and vengeful. I hope God wasn't serious about that whole name-in-vain thing. There's way worse stuff out there. Way.

I'm really pleased that you are posting so much, Digital Blamera.

HA! Didn't see that one, did you?

Stefan Blitz said...


Joan Crawford said...

OK, Blamb Chop Blambé*, I understand you cut your finger and are now the Saddest Boy in the World - but I demand that you respond to my comments. I mean really, what am I here for, to listen to myself talk**?

*Ha! That's two Blam puns for the price of one!

** Yes, mostly.

Blam said...

It's my energy and my Internet connection that have been the problems, Joan. My finger is fine now. Wanna see it?