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You'll pardon me, I hope, if these next couple of posts have some problems, but I'm scheduling them in advance. My usual post-posting attempts to finesse errant text styles and whatnot may be put off for a few days, since if I'm not stuck in bed I'll be spending the New Year in synagogue or with family. To all — whether observing this day as a holy one, as a cultural tradition, or merely with bemusement — I wish you a sweet year ahead full of health and happiness.

A good, brief
writeup on Rosh HaShanah
can be found at Tracey R. Rich's, a.k.a. Judaism 101. I like it because it's (1) concise; (B) non-judgmental, written, as the home page says, "from the Orthodox viewpoint" as a baseline to explain "the traditions that are being changed or chosen" by Conservative, Reform, and other streams of observance; and (3) possessed of the domain name "JewFAQ", which I find mildly hilarious.

The above photo of apples and honey, a traditional snack to begin the year, was provided courtesy of Elena's Pantry, which has gluten-free menus for every occasion.

Now for the launch of a litany of lustrous linkage, flirting dangerously with datedness. (I was going to add "non-liturgical" to my opening volley of overdone alliteration, to contrast it with the above, but if you're reading this there's a good chance that you worship at the altar of pop culture.)

Logo ® The Philadelphia Phillies.

I haven't written about baseball since Opening Day — and not just 'cause my team has had a rough, injury-marked season; the summer has still been an exciting one worthy of comment, full of truly wild streaks. As pointed out by Larry Shenk, however, The Phillies are now, the day after Labor Day, in sole possession of first place in the NL East for the first time since the day before Memorial Day way back in May, and the first team in the entire National League to reach 80 wins this year. Hoo-hah!

Screencap © 2010 Lucasfilm Ltd.

You can apparently get specialized voices for a GPS service called TomTom. I only know this because Mark Evanier's News from ME linked to a faux recording session for Darth Vader; if you're not a die-hard Star Wars fan who feels that stuff like this cheapens the characters, then you're welcome to watch the one for Yoda too. Evanier says that among the other voices in the works are Garfield and Warner Bros. characters, although I'd bet that if Yoda was tough then Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd, and Tweety would be impossible.

Screencap © 1977 Carson Entertainment.

In the vaguest of correlations to my first topic, here's a clip of Harry Shearer and Billy Crystal as Tom Snyder and Muhammad Ali, now Izzy Yiskowitz, on a 1977 Tonight Show, also courtesy News from ME. Evanier's intro is interesting context, but it's not essential to enjoying the video.

Photo © 2010 Universal Pictures.

While the movie was fantastic, I agree with pretty much the entirety of Josh Tyler's "5 Reasons Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Failed To Find an Audience". Tyler writes that "what it all comes down to" is massive anticipation for the film "from the handful of people who'd already seen it. But it was always a movie without a specific audience. It's a broad movie built on a lot of different niche elements, and as much as we'd like to believe moviegoers are open-minded enough to step outside their comfort zone, most of the time they won't. The mistake was in thinking that all the different audiences Scott Pilgrim speaks to were the same audience, when they're not." You can call me an exception that proves the rules, since I'm a comics reader pushing 40 who hadn't read the source graphic novels and was wary of another Michael Cera role but went into the theater pumped by advance word because I enjoy thrilling cinematic experiences. I suspect that SPVTW will become a cult classic at the very least on DVD, but it's a shame that so few folks got to enjoy it on the big screen.

More to come tomorrow if everything works!


Teebore said...

Well said about Scott Pilgrim; I think I'm another exception that proves the rule, as I came to the film under almost the exact same circumstances as you, and thoroughly enjoyed it (my wife, even more disconnected from the source material, loved it even more than I did). Definitely one we'll be adding the collection.

Teebore said...

PS: Phillies vs. Twins in the World Series? Sounds good to me!