I Want to Punch Blogger in the Face

So I've been trying to finish laying out a post from Tuesday for friggin' hours now. When Comcast lets me get online, Blogger does its best to screw up my text and fail to load my graphics, either crashing Safari or simply not responding in Chrome. You'd think that Picasa, Blogger, and Chrome would communicate well, all being part of the Google empire, and you'd be wronger than Howie Mandel at a hair salon.


Joan Crawford said...

Chitty-Chitty-Blam-Blam! Keep up the good work, Kiddo!

I meant to encourage you there but now realize that I have probably just demoralized you even further with my shameful, nonsensical puns.

*And this is the second time I had to type this out as Blogger rejected it the first time. So, maybe Blogger is looking out for you in some ways. But I demand satisfaction!

Blam said...

I won't stand for Blogger giving you a hard time, Long-Distance Joan Number.

That's my job.