18 and Over

The blog is not over, but it is eighteen — months old, that is, or, by the time you read this, over eighteen. My first post, the quickest of hellos, came Feb. 9th, 2009, with the first substantial post two days later. I published a list of my dozen favorite posts to date a year ago, when the blog hit six months old; six months ago, when the blog turned a year old, I highlighted a list of enjoyable links from its history.

this dubious landmark I considered simply going with another favorite dozen, since twelve more months have come and gone since the first round of self-aggrandizement, but instead of favorites of mine I've decided to run "your" favorites as determined by both the number of hits on a post and the number of comments I've received about it both online and privately. Comments are hardly a pure measure of a post's popularity, but neither are cold, hard hits since they're often just the result of web searches rather than actual interest. I've chosen not to include anything that already got a shout-out last year.

I'd hoped to have given the blog a bit more of a polish by this semi-anniversary, in addition to finally returning with new posts. You still might see some new master labels and the like, if you pay attention to that sort of thing, but an inability to get stand-alone pages to work properly has led me to reconsider moving
Blam's Blog to another service together with my upcoming comics-specific blogs (which I hope to launch by another milestone: Oct. 14th, my 40th birthday). Right now, I hope you find something to enjoy in the following look back and in what's to come.

Panel © 1980 Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

One of the most consistently popular posts here is
"Ric Estrada 1928-2009", my obituary of the accomplished comics artist. I'd love to have reliable enough writing time and Internet access to remember more folks on the occasion of their passing, even if just briefly. Based on the sources of my site traffic, most people who land on this post are looking for Estrada's work on the Mormon church.

Castle photo and logo © 2009 ABC Studios

"Eyes Captured by Castle" draws hits regularly — chances are, more for image searches that turn up my composite of the show's logo with a promo still than for my writing.

Jacket art © 2008 Dave McKean

Neil Gaiman's
The Graveyard Book, out in paperback next month, was reviewed just over a year ago in "Hey! We Got a Live One Here!" The recent spike in hits for that page might be due to its spotlight in my sidebar column, meaning folks really do click around once they land here. 8^) I've been told off-blog to review more books, which is in the plan.

Image © year of creation Sesame Workshop

"O in Sesame" is another post that appears to benefit from image searches, but I hope that visitors stay for the anecdotes and links; it's one of my favorites.

There are no graphics in
"This Is the Title of This Blogpost", so it's either getting lots of referrals from somewhere or it's high up on some Google string I can't replicate.

Cover art © 2010 Archie Comic Publications, Inc.

I'm happy with the hits and private kudos for
"Teenage Daydreams", my look at the Archie Marries Veronica and Archie Marries Betty storylines, despite the lack of blog comments. The saga is now available in collected form and spinning off into the new Life with Archie comics magazine.

Irredeemable and The Unknown cover art © 2009 Boom! Studios;
The Incredibles cover art © 2009 Pixar/Disney Animation

Like the above, "Uncredeemable" and "The Irrknowiblowns" seem to get traffic from Google Image searches for cover art I've reproduced, but they've also been the subject of personal notes from friends glad to see me writing about contemporary comics, in this case Mark Waid's Irredeemable, The Unknown, and The Incredibles.

Photo © 2009 Sherie Saner

"The Radical White" had the most online comments of any single post, by far, until the next post in this list showed up a week later, even though it's basically just a photo and a remark about how much snow was dumped on Philadelphia in a five-day span.

Lost photo and logo © 2010 ABC Studios

"Lost in Thought: Do You Want to Know a Secret" not only wins the comments contest but got visited pretty regularly for a while as well. Some other Lost posts are more perennial, including my pre-season epic on alternate timelines, but I like the conversations this launched; if you want more, you can click on the Lost tag at the end, although I see that for some reason my post on the season premiere, which is advertised as published, is neither linked to nor online at this writing.

Album art © 1992 Walt Disney Enterprises

Another post that can only be popular thanks to deliberate links is
"'World' Music", which presents my 17-year-old rewritten lyrics to the theme from Disney's Aladdin, because I just added the album artwork now.

The Gates photo and logo © 2009 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.;
The Vampire Diaries photo and logo © 2009 The CW Network LLC

"Vampire Weekend" probably benefitted from both image searches and actual reader interest in my reviews of The Gates and The Vampire Diaries. We're in the midst of a vampire craze, according to the media, but I have to wonder just how far back a "craze" reaches or how long it lasts before it simply becomes "something that's undyingly popular" — pardon the pun. Reviews of True Blood, American Vampire, and the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics are in the pipeline, by the way.

Screenshot © 2010 Google Inc.

The collection of my verification-word definitions in
"The Mean Streak" is so recent that I almost didn't include it, but it's quite highly trafficked, so it felt dishonest not to even though the metrics by which these posts were chosen were essentially made up.

And there you have it. I'll leave you with a repeat of my signoff from last year's version of this indulgence, as it still holds true:

My thanks to everyone who's read, commented on, or written privately about Blam's Blog so far... I know it's just a tiny,
tiny, tiny little corner of the Internet, but it's mine.

Here's to tomorrow.