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I'm taking the unusual step of sharing another batch of verification-word definitions so soon because, with July at an end and me having failed to put up anything else, I find myself faced with a meager two posts for the month. One would actually be fine, since there were valid reasons for my lack of blogging — among them my connection problems, which have already pushed the publication of this dispatch past the date it's stamped with — and if my collection of the definitions was working as a stand-alone page that'd be all; it's not, though, and two is just inelegant, so I'm raising the count to three.

August should find this place active again, with plenty of posts in the pipeline waiting to be fleshed out or some in cases merely entered online, proofread, and graphicked up. There will be more about comics, finally, as well as some film and TV reviews that I decided to hold back until their video releases or the start of the new season since the posts were no longer timely. Subjects include
Inception, True Blood, comics for kids, the post-RIP Batman comics, DC's 75th anniversary, the Blackest Night / Brightest Day crossovers, Tiny Titans, Secret Six, fictional universes, Asterios Polyp, and The Wordy Shipmates, in addition to the aforementioned essays on returning TV series that'll come further down the pike. I'd love to hear thoughts from the followers that Blogger says I have on which of those posts you're most looking forward to reading so that I can prioritize.

Here are the latest in my dwindling reserve of definitions, meanwhile (also being added to that omnibus post, where you can find an explanation of just what they are if you're new to the concept).

apocrod — [ah poh krod] n. Farthest point away from the crod. (Antonym: pericrod.)

BlyRasta — [bly rah stah] Nellie going Jamaican.

brevo — [bree voh] n. A snippet of applause.

CaterB — [kay tur bee] The craft services table on Sesame Street.

cronisin — [kroh nih zin] phr. "The withered old lady will see you now."

demist — 1. [dee mist] v. Absorb humidity. 2. [deh mist] n. Follower of Ms. Moore or Ms. Lovato. 3. [deh mee street] n.; abbr. Half of a thoroughfare.

equam — [ee kwahm] n. A unisex Native American dwelling.

fendamal — [fen duh mal] n. A bad dent on the side of your vehicle.

Henstan — [hen stan] 1. Middle Eastern nation of chickens. 2. Reminding Stan what female fowls are called.

icabblis — [iy kab bliss] n. State of nirvana attained by riding in a WiFi-enabled taxi.

lathicar — [lah thih kar] n. A mobile bathtub.

mesaggi — [meh sidzh ghee] n. A karate uniform with notes from your friends written on it.

osestees — [oh zez teez] v. Ze way a Frainch persunn shoots ze wah-tair at zair short-sleeved shairtz.

presshon. 1. [preh sho] Magic word of a drunk magician. 2. [press hoh] Call girl catering to journalists.

retee – [ree tee] v. Post-Mulligan action.

suristi — [suh ree stee] n. Armed militia led by Katie Holmes's daughter.

turcus — [tur kuss] n. 1. A turkey circus. 2. A turkey's behind. (Yiddish)

vocks — [vahks] pl. n. Voice-operated socks, originally marketed by Hanes through a partnership with The Sharper Image under the brand name Vocks Populi.

warfaere — [wor fayr] n. Mortal combat waged by pixies.


SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

I think warfaere is my favorite :)

Arben said...

My vote is for more comics coverage for sure, especially Batman and Secret Six. And I like warfaere too, as well as equam, lathicar, and, heck, all of them.

VW: lesto — The magic word of a budget illusionist.

Anonymous said...


Joan Crawford said...

Says The Chinese Porn Bot: "The world is not supposed to be something, because God does not play"

...dice. Is this guy paraphrasing Einstein now? Really? Clearly these sites are the Discerning Man's Choice.

I hereby formally request more comic book reviews. I enjoy hearing about men who glitter as they punch and wear shirts under their swimsuits...almost as much as I like learning about the men who love them ;)

I don't get any cool shows on TV and so am not invited to this Mad Men, True Blood party. I would however love to hear about Inception. From you especially, My Christmas Blam with all the trimmings*.

*You want ham puns - oh, I'll give you ham puns!