Meaning Full

Note: I had originally used this post as a collection of my word-verification definitions when Blogger's stand-alone page feature wasn't working for me. There's now just such a page on the blog, however, which is a good thing because as with so many posts from this time period the HTML on this one got incessantly screwy anytime I tried to update the text. I don't want to delete this post since others may yet link to it, but now it's just a placeholder and pointer to that page.


Joan Crawford said...

Holy Crap! This post magically grew into its own...thing. I lost it there because I started thinking about Sea Monkeys after I said "magically grew".

Let's start again:

This is awesome, Mr.Man!

El Qué said...

Tu me manque, mon gendarme des gigglyfits!

Blam said...

Thanks, Joan... I'm so glad that I attract such a high quality of woman (19th-century zombie, mangafied Death incarnate) to the blog, but sadly I've disabled further comments on this post since it'll probably be taken down when/if the "page" version stops displaying text funny.