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I'm taking the unusual step of sharing another batch of verification-word definitions so soon because, with July at an end and me having failed to put up anything else, I find myself faced with a meager two posts for the month. One would actually be fine, since there were valid reasons for my lack of blogging — among them my connection problems, which have already pushed the publication of this dispatch past the date it's stamped with — and if my collection of the definitions was working as a stand-alone page that'd be all; it's not, though, and two is just inelegant, so I'm raising the count to three.

August should find this place active again, with plenty of posts in the pipeline waiting to be fleshed out or some in cases merely entered online, proofread, and graphicked up. There will be more about comics, finally, as well as some film and TV reviews that I decided to hold back until their video releases or the start of the new season since the posts were no longer timely. Subjects include
Inception, True Blood, comics for kids, the post-RIP Batman comics, DC's 75th anniversary, the Blackest Night / Brightest Day crossovers, Tiny Titans, Secret Six, fictional universes, Asterios Polyp, and The Wordy Shipmates, in addition to the aforementioned essays on returning TV series that'll come further down the pike. I'd love to hear thoughts from the followers that Blogger says I have on which of those posts you're most looking forward to reading so that I can prioritize.

Here are the latest in my dwindling reserve of definitions, meanwhile (also being added to that omnibus post, where you can find an explanation of just what they are if you're new to the concept).

apocrod — [ah poh krod] n. Farthest point away from the crod. (Antonym: pericrod.)

BlyRasta — [bly rah stah] Nellie going Jamaican.

brevo — [bree voh] n. A snippet of applause.

CaterB — [kay tur bee] The craft services table on Sesame Street.

cronisin — [kroh nih zin] phr. "The withered old lady will see you now."

demist — 1. [dee mist] v. Absorb humidity. 2. [deh mist] n. Follower of Ms. Moore or Ms. Lovato. 3. [deh mee street] n.; abbr. Half of a thoroughfare.

equam — [ee kwahm] n. A unisex Native American dwelling.

fendamal — [fen duh mal] n. A bad dent on the side of your vehicle.

Henstan — [hen stan] 1. Middle Eastern nation of chickens. 2. Reminding Stan what female fowls are called.

icabblis — [iy kab bliss] n. State of nirvana attained by riding in a WiFi-enabled taxi.

lathicar — [lah thih kar] n. A mobile bathtub.

mesaggi — [meh sidzh ghee] n. A karate uniform with notes from your friends written on it.

osestees — [oh zez teez] v. Ze way a Frainch persunn shoots ze wah-tair at zair short-sleeved shairtz.

presshon. 1. [preh sho] Magic word of a drunk magician. 2. [press hoh] Call girl catering to journalists.

retee – [ree tee] v. Post-Mulligan action.

suristi — [suh ree stee] n. Armed militia led by Katie Holmes's daughter.

turcus — [tur kuss] n. 1. A turkey circus. 2. A turkey's behind. (Yiddish)

vocks — [vahks] pl. n. Voice-operated socks, originally marketed by Hanes through a partnership with The Sharper Image under the brand name Vocks Populi.

warfaere — [wor fayr] n. Mortal combat waged by pixies.

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Note: I had originally used this post as a collection of my word-verification definitions when Blogger's stand-alone page feature wasn't working for me. There's now just such a page on the blog, however, which is a good thing because as with so many posts from this time period the HTML on this one got incessantly screwy anytime I tried to update the text. I don't want to delete this post since others may yet link to it, but now it's just a placeholder and pointer to that page.

Mini-Slog with Meaning

equit — [ee kwit] v. Take a sabbatical from online activity.

I'm sorry to have gone so long without a post. No-one misses regular activity on this blog more than I do, but it looks like I'll be in hibernation mode here for a while yet. Up goes the infamous Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup can once more.

The can is an
ancient Internet tradition started by Mark Evanier, as my faithful readers know — heck, they've probably come to expect that very phrase. His blog News from ME is one great place to spend the time you might otherwise spend here if your interests are anything like mine. You might also take this opportunity to poke around the Blam's Blog archives, which should turn up further distractions. When I return to active posting, if not before, I hope to finally install a blogroll of recommended haunts as well as some pages that organize and highlight parts of this blog.

I wish I hadn't had to "equit" so completely. While I'd already figured that July would see me stepping back from blogging, however — due to a bounty of family visiting, including my sister and her kids (of whom I cannot get enough, no matter the toll it takes on my crumbling infrastructure) — the past month has been little more than an exercise in frustration when it comes to online activity. Posts were getting published late or not at all, due to my laptop's inability to maintain a decent Internet connection for any appreciable length of time, even though that didn't keep me from spending precious energy on putting them together when I could and should have been spending more of that energy on other projects.

Among those projects is a separate blog dedicated to my past and present writing on comics, including material removed from
Blam's Blog after it became clear who the vandals attacking the blog were and, inasmuch as I can or want to understand the actions of such small-minded schmucks at all, why they were doing it. I'm no more or less able to publish posts on the new blog than here, but there's lots of offline work to be done in terms of transcribing old articles that either don't exist on disk or are unreadable on my current setup even if they do. Some of that work also doubles as preparation for a book of interviews conducted during my career as a comics journalist for such outlets as the venerable Comics Buyer's Guide, Comicscrypt (the weekly newsletter of Fat Jack's Comicrypt, one of the Philadelphia area's great comics shops), and my own magazine Comicology. I also probably have to commit to a wireless-Internet plan for my laptop as Comcast has yet to boost the cable signal to my residence from what by its own admission is an insufficient reading (also the source, to use that word ironically, of the programming my television cannot currently receive).

So that's the
mini-slog part of this post's title. As those aforementioned, proverbial, and possibly apocryphal faithful readers may know, "slog" is my coined contraction for State of the Blog, as first seen in my appropriately titled post "The Slog". Now it's on to the meaning. Said faithful readers likely also know that periodically, and often timed to blogging hiatuses, I will offer up a list of verification-word definitions. For the lowdown on what these are, you may consult this blog's very first stand-alone page* — where I've assembled all such definitions to date in one convenient place, including the batch below, and which will be updated whenever I post new installments. I hope that your summer is going swimmingly, sunningly, or otherwise splendidly through whatever indulgences or traditions the season may bring, and I look forward to a swift and substantial return to the blogosphere. *[Note: There are problems with the page that keep recurring even after repeated apparent fixes, so right now the content is up as a regular post.]

afflu — [ah floo] n. Virus commonly caught by Matt Damon and Jennifer Garner.

auxuxe — [awks yooks] n. Ukeleles reserved for emergencies.

bilatin — 1. [by lay tin] v. Workin' that two-party magic. 2. [by lah tin] n. Version of Pig Latin used as code amongst the set that has, as Woody Allen put it, twice as many potential dates on a Saturday night.

cansidal — [kan syd ahl] adj. Of and/or relating to the material printed on condensed-soup containers.

cheness — [chay ness] n. Qualities held by Sr. Guevara.

defiblex — [dee fib leks] v. How to stop Luthor's heart arrhythmia.

delitai — [deh lee ty] n. Enormously unsuccessful cocktail made from rum, fruit juices, and cold cuts.

eusnots — [ee yoo snots; yoo snots] pl. n. Stuck-up folks from abroad.

fanti — [fan ty] 1. adj. Admiring yet in opposition. 2. pl. n. More than one bargain-brand soda.

grandunc — [grand unk] n. Your mom's or dad's mom's or dad's bro.

HawnIs — [hawn iz] Goldie's Facebook setting.

hextrine — [heks tryn] n. Six threes.

IMManor — [ey em mahn ur] What the folks who got rich from inventing instant messaging call their estate.

maxic — [mak sik] adj. Of and/or concerning ankle-length skirts, feminine-hygiene pads, or the main character of Where the Wild Things Are.

mormant — [mohr munt] n. The exact second you realize you're dead.

notessn. 1. [noh tess] A lady jotter-downer. 2. [naht ess] bee, cee, dee, arr, tee, vee, etc.

oclamo — [oh clam oh] excl. Invocation of the great mollusk god.

ovenba — [uh ven bah] n. What you don't want to hear when cooking lamb.

pargenes — [pahr jeenz] pl. n. DNA that results in average looks and intelligence.

retio — [reh tee oh; reh shyoh] n. Comparison of one eyeball tissue to another.

sioused — [soost] adj. All wet from a Native Dakotan rain dance.

spolis — [spoh liz] pl. n. What beglons to the vitcors.

tatriot — [tay tree ott] n. A spud that's true to its country.

unons — [uhn awnz] pl. n. The technical term for off switches.

verment — [ver ment] v. Let a certain New England state break down chemically into alcohol.

yediv — [yee div] n. Opposite of yemult, learnt after yeadd and yesub.

yistable — [yih stay bul] n. Where yikeep yihorses.