Panel from Gold Key's Underdog #15 © 1977 Classic Media, Inc. Pencils, Inks, Letters: John Costanza. Script, Colors: Unknown.

The above was part of a page that came through the main
GCD E-list a couple of years back for art identification. I love Underdog and knew that I'd be blogging eventually, so I saved it to my laptop and totally forgot to run it last Earth Day.

As I've mentioned here before, the Grand Comics Database is the probably the greatest repository of combined comics knowledge in existence, especially when it comes to creator credits and publication information. While far from complete and severely Western-world in focus thus far, I can vouch for the fact that the GCD's all-volunteer crew of contributors and administrators takes both the integrity of the extant database and its expansion very seriously. And you could be part of that crew simply by browsing the website and finding an index to create or flesh out or joining one of the electronic mailing lists to add whatever expertise you might have.

The Underdog Show was one of my favorite Saturday-morning and syndicated cartoon indulgences, with thrills and humor operating on multiple levels. I can't bust out into nostalgia or reporter mode with details right now, but you can sample the delight of Underdog and such back-up segments as Go Go Gophers, Tennessee Turtle, and Commander McBragg for under twenty bucks via the so-called Ultimate Collection, whose three component discs are also available separately. With the considerable caveat that some parents may not care for the gunplay or the unenlightened portrayal of certain characters, it's fun for all ages.

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Arben said...

Underdog is the ne plus ultra -- ne plus dessous? -- of anthropomorphic Saturday-morning superheroes. Witty, action-packed, well-plotted, sweet, and all-around awesome!