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I'm sitting outside in a lovely breeze, reminded of just how wildly the weather fluctuates this time of year — and just how nice it is to sit outside in a lovely breeze.

The laptop says it's still 86° at nearly 6:30 p.m., and the stifling heat in my bedroom bears that out, but I only just realized that the storm windows probably aren't coming down again; heaving the air conditioner into the window and duct-taping it up seems premature.

Yes, I'm actually writing about the weather. Must be gettin' old...

I had a little more trouble importing the blog post-sabotage than anticipated. Of course, I should've anticipated it — Blogger often doesn't work as planned. But one of the best bulwarks against blog vandals that Blogger and other platforms offer, even if it's an "off-label" usage of the function, is the ability to export the entire code of your blog not just to another blog but to your hard drive. Not too long ago, and none too soon as it turned out, I realized that I should be doing that regularly in addition to saving the HTML of individual posts (which on occasion I've slacked off on doing and end up regretting it). When my blog was vandalized Apr. 1st, the entire thing was deleted, but luckily I'd saved the code to my laptop the night before, so not only all the posts but even the comments were preserved; as it turns out, the sidebar features and the like aren't saved, but they're easy enough to set up again. I'm having to republish posts individually, but all in all I have no complaints — beyond whatever bugs in Blogger security allowed this hackery to begin with, of course, which is a big deal since my password was total nonsense and changed frequently.

Last week brought a near-perfect storm of tech problems to boiling point, to mix some metaphors, although (ptu ptu, shake the salt, knock on wood) my hard drive is all right. I'll tell you about them some other time, because I want to move on to some fun stuff and the corporate vessels I've been dealing with deserve blame or praise in greater detail.

So I'll wrap up this mini-slog — "slog" being, as my faithful readers know, a contraction of "state of the blog" — with one more reassurance that this thing isn't going anywhere except maybe, eventually, to another service either in addition to or instead of its presence here on Blogger. I'm now leaning more towards TypePad than WordPress, although a mirror on the latter (not yet public) already exists, but if you have amicus briefs to file on behalf of either I remain interested. The only difference you should notice once all my old posts are republished is that I've left out the Cover Album and First Friday posts again, although I'm keeping the rest of my a-life-in-comics series Empaneled. I really need to better prioritize my energies, and holding that other material back for a blog based on my professional comics-oriented writing feels like the right move. Some posts that were down more often than they were up may also be republished with the current date instead of in their old slots or have material incorporated into new posts instead; the post from Mar. 31st, for example, apparently never even stayed up long enough for it to get sent out in the RSS feed, so parts of it appear below.

Update: I've noticed a couple of glitches with comments on republished posts. One is that icons don't appear next to folks' screen names, although if you click on hyperlinked handles you still get taken to their relevant Blogger profiles or websites. Another is that the comment count in some post footers is double or more the actual number of comments; perhaps older comments have gone up in value after what they've been through.

Cover to Action Comics #1 © 1938 and title/character ® DC Comics.

You may have seen the news reports about another copy of Action Comics #1 setting a record for the sale price of a comic book. My first post last month was prompted by a copy selling for $1 million, after which a copy of Detective Comics #27 sold for just north of that. The Action #1 that changed hands last week went for $1.5 million.

Just to put things in perspective: It would take 1.5 million $1 bills to equal $1.5 million.

Still © 2009 Worldwide Pants Inc.

David Letterman has been yarn-spinning with increased frequency during the post-monologue, pre-guest desk segment on The Late Show lately. And I love it. Last week he brought up, out of nowhere, ribs and how to cook them. His delivery of one line — "Ya better boil 'em bastards" — was just a golden moment of television.

Package art © 2010 (or earlier) Aron Streit Inc.

I mentioned the other day that egg matzah is among the varieties of the unleavened bread available for consumption. While it shouldn't be eaten during the seder, when we eat matzah specifically to recall our ancestors' hardship, there are sometimes-fierce debates over whether this richer variety of matzah is kosher for Passover use in general when turning to a substitute for regular leavened bread. The version below, however, would seem to be right out.

Graphic created by and © 2009 Aaron Weiss, taken from his website.

While catching up on Mark Evanier's fine blog, News from ME, I learned that Mike Valerio passed away a couple of weeks ago. I never met Mike and certainly never knew him the way Mark did, but we spent time together in CAPA-Alpha, comics fandom's first and greatest APA. Mike could be caustic, and I recall us having some differences of opinion, but we also collaborated on one of my favorite pieces of work from that era — a cover for his 'zine that I'd love to reproduce here, even though its target audience is severely limited; sadly, my scanner is currently disconnected due its use not being required much these days and space on my desk being at a premium. Like everyone else in K-a at the time, Mike was older than I, although he was younger then than than I am now; like almost everyone else, he was accepting and even encouraging of the ambitious, sometimes over-excitable young turk that was me, and I thank him for it. My thoughts are with those who knew him and lost him too young at age 51.

Photo of Mike Valerio via News from ME at link above.

I sometimes need a reminder to check out Evanier's blog even though it's a favorite, because my list of bookmarked blogs to visit regularly has grown so long as to become useless — I've just started ignoring it since I can't possibly hit them all in a timely fashion. The good news is that Mark is such a common source of info among the comics-biz cognoscenti that I'm bound to get such reminders in the form of a link from a friend or chat list; the bad news is that link is occasionally to an obituary. I got the surprising news about Mike Valerio after heading to News from ME for Mark's thoughts on Dick Giordano, the accomplished editor, artist, and all-around good guy whose passing I noted in an as-yet-unrepublished post here a week ago.

Among today's posts on News from ME was word that veteran DC, Dell, and Archie artist Henry Scarpelli had died. I have no personal memories of the man, but I've seen his name countless times in my life and my condolences go out to his loved ones.

Still © 2009 OK Go or its representatives.

I'm sure you've seen the band OK Go's latest insane video by now, but I wanted to end on an up note. Linking to it, and to the behind-the-scenes video and blueprints, also gives me an excuse to remind folks that what's known as a Rube Goldberg Machine [or Contraption] is named for an actual person, Rube Goldberg. an author, engineer, and inventor who at one time was possibly the best-known cartoonist in America.

Illustration from Rube Goldberg website © 2010 (or earlier) and name/character ® Rube Goldberg Inc.


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