Driving Miss Peasy

Screencap taken by me from video © 2009 Microsoft.

You know that Windows 7 commercial with the woman who looks a bit and sounds a lot like Kate Winslet talking to us from the back of a cab? If you want to watch it, I can wait.

Every one of the too many times I've seen it, I've heard "easier peasier should be simpler"... until the other night. Now, I'd be thrilled for my brain never to have accessed the dubiously cutesy phrase "easy peasy"; when the ears can't make out what they're receiving for sure, however, the brain substitutes something that's likely and then just anything that's possible. Out of the blue I finally recognized what she's saying as "using a PC should be simpler," which you'd think I'd have gotten earlier since this whole series of ads is about people sharing how Windows 7's improvements were their idea, but nope.

It would perhaps be jingoistic of me to suggest that Microsoft was undercutting their message by employing someone with such a thick accent, and what I (mis)heard didn't change the gist of the ad, but all the shuddering over "easier peasier" did was take my opinion of Windows further south. And even knowing what I know now, all the woman in the commercial makes me want to do is go see a Kate Winslet movie.


Batcabbage said...

Blam, I've not seen this advert yet, but if you're in the mood for some Kate Winslet, I recommend the episode of Extras by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant that she cameoed (is that a word?!) in. One of the funniest celebrity cameos ever, in my opinion. Kate giving phone sex advice is one of the greatest scenes I've ever seen. I cried with laughter.

VW: refutase - the technical term denoting the act of raising your hands in supplication and screaming 'Don't taze me, bro!'

Blam said...

I've never seen Extras, BC — don't get HBO and have such a backlog of TV on DVD to rent it's ridiculous. But I've seen Series 1 of The Office, love Ricky Gervais, and adore Ms. Winslet, too. I'll try to track down her cameo.

I hafta remember to log out before checking my comments because my own blog is the one place I'm not leaving verification words.

Batcabbage said...

Oh, wow, I envy you that you have all that good viewing ahead of you! Definitely check out Extras. Some fans of the Office didn't like it, but I was a big fan of both series. Kate's cameo was one of the best, but other notable cameos in Extras were Ian McKellan, Sam Jackson and David Bowie. Oh, man.... Ian McKellan's hand pushing on the back of Ricky's head.... so funny.