Lost in Thought: Nowhere Man

Well, I have my laptop working properly again, after a fashion. The keyboard and trackpad don't jump the cursor around to random points on screen and delete, select, or rearrange things — as long as the battery is removed. If you're wondering whether it's too obvious to point out that the next step would appear to be getting a new battery, your restraint is appreciated.

Among the timely posts for me to git on up are a review of
Shutter Island, but as you can see from the header this one's back to the most familiar Island madhouse since the days of Gilligan.

First topic is one of the most chilling sights on
Lost yet: Claire's totem baby.

Ahhhh... Image © 2005 ABC Studios.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!! Image © 2010 ABC Studios. Screencap from Lost-Media fansite via Nik at Nite.

One reason why it's so strange is that, as I mentioned in my
episode analysis of last Tuesday's show, Claire does realize that Aaron's not with her. She knows her Nowhere Man is somewhere, though she doesn't actually know where, because he's somewhere else — with her mother, back in LA, rather than at the Others' Temple. Wherefore then the bizarro bassinet?

It's also strange because, well,
look at the frickin' thing. Paleoblues, a frequent poster over at Nik at Nite, has shared an academic analysis that reassures Vincent lovers the skull can't be his, as "those are not the teeth of a dog." Furthermore, "Claire (I assume) has taken measures to make the skull look more 'human'. The snout has been sawed off ... to make the face flatter. And, to me, the neatest thing she has done is place two buttons or rings on the skull's forehead facing forward like the eyes of a primate."

It's the
Eyes of a primate
It's the snout of a squirrel
Rest-ing sound-ly in Claire's Weird Jungle Crayyy-dle
And you think
That it's creepy
But it can't be alive
Yet it's watch-ing us all with the eyyyyyyyyyyyes
Of a priiiiiiimate!

Sorry. I get "Eye of the Tiger" in my head quite easily, and the moment the phrase "eyes of a primate" popped up it just happened. The "snout of a squirrel" line is not my own deduction, by the way, but the result of a Google search for "lost claire jungle baby bones" that turned up an
excerpt of an AOL TV interview with Emilie de Ravin herself via the esteemed Doc Arzt's website. Far stranger search strings have appeared in my browser, sadly, most also related to Lost. And arguably odder items than the above song snippet are yet to come in this post.

Screencaps from Lost-Media fansite and © 2010 ABC Studios.

Another Nowhere Man and/or Woman figuring prominently in last week's episode is the mysterious
Wallace, unless he or she was just a red herring. I neglected to mention the name entirely in my previous Lost post, but speculation over to whom the surname might belong has been rampant.

Jacob had tasked Hurley with going to the lighthouse to ensure that a certain someone made it to the Island — or so he said; in retrospect, it seemed like it may all just have been part of a plan to get Jack thinking. Hurley was to turn the Mirror-Dial Contraption to 108, and we learned that each of the degrees on the Dial had a name attached to it much like the ones Lockalike showed Sawyer in the cliff-wall cave the week before. Jack waylaid Hurley, but screencaps of the Dial have since hit the 'Net showing the familiar Ford at 15, Jarrah at 16,
etc., in addition to the Shephard at 23 that got Jack so riled up. It turns out that Kate is probably not 108, as your humble blogger spitballed a dozen days ago, since the name Austen is at 51; perhaps she's an alien from Area 51 instead, and that's the real reason she's on the run. Screencaps show the 108 slot — at least this go-'round; some names appear to have been overwritten — belonging to someone named Wallace, as you can see at the Lost-Media fansite (click the image, locate the 110, go straight down, and you'll intersect the name Wallace at 108, crossed-out, upside-down).

Maybe Jack's Nick Jonas
doppelgänger spawn actually exists in the original timeline too. His relationship with David's mom may not have lasted thanks to Jacob or the Island's interference, and Jack might have never known she was with child; for that matter, she might not have, either, until after they broke up. Mystery Momma could've raised David alone or given him up for adoption, and either her last name or that of his adoptive or foster family could be Wallace. After seeing a John Locke, a Rousseau, a Hawking, a Faraday, a C.S. Lewis, and so on, would it be so strange to encounter a David (Foster) Wallace?

No, I don't think it would, but I've actually opted to take another approach to the puzzle — one that still assumes we've seen Wallace before. Some of you may recall my
attempt last year to tie Lost to Norse mythology via free association; if you don't, the effort and reason behind it are at the link. I shall now once again brave a journey through the mind's eye to pierce the veil of... okay, what I do is go to whatever pops into my head next until I arrive at a likely destination, in this case the name of a previously known Lost character; then I spend way too long collecting images on the Internet to make the process visually entertaining for you. Ready?


Wally West.

Kid Flash.

Flash Gordon.


Sesame Street.

Picabo Street.

The Olympics.

Olympus Mons, on Mars,
largest known volcano in the solar system,
a.k.a. Nix Olympica, the Snows of Olympus.
[Thanks, Grandpa Lamken!]


Fall from Grace.

Maggie Grace.


Could the inhaler have been a clue? Shannon's last name has been given as Rutherford, but the man killed in the same car accident that brought Jack's future ex-wife Sarah into his life may not in fact have been Shannon's biological father. Of course, Shannon's dead, and, incidentally, the name Rutherford appears on the Dial, crossed out according to the list on Lostpedia, but if her actual father is named Wallace he could still be out there, somehow aware of his daughter and searching for her; then again, we're back to not knowing who he is, so let's keep digging for a familiar character who's alive.

Del Shannon.

The Del-Vikings.

The Viking Prince.


Purple Rain.

"Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head".

"Head over Heels".

Tears for Fears.

Roland Orzabal.

Roland synthesizers.


Photo finish.


Finn from Glee.

Sue Sylvester.

Sylvester the Cat.

Cat Power.

Luke Cage, Power Man.

Luke and Laura.

General Hospital.

Port Charles.

Charles Widmore!

And there you have it, folks: Charles Widmore is, as some hoped and many feared, an agent of Jacob after all, for good or ill. He's kept his true name hidden and is finally on his way to the Island himself.

Don't shoot the messenger.

Images for free-association segment are the intellectual property of, where applicable, to the best of my knowledge, DC Comics (2), King Features Syndicate, Sesame Workshop (2), Allsport / Time Magazine, International Olympic Committee, NASA, Sherie Saner, The Sistine Chapel, ABC Studios (2), Del Shannon Enterprises Inc., Getty Images, DC Comics, Warner Bros. Records (2), 20th Century Fox Film Corp., Mercury Records (3), Roland Corporation US, Mikael Häggström, Trish Biddle, Finland, 20th Century Fox Television (2), Warner Bros. Entertainment, Cat Power, Marvel Comics, and ABC Studios (4), used in good faith.


El Qué said...

You are a weird and wonderful watermelon, my man.

Arben said...

Yet it's watch-ing us all with the eyyyyyyyyyyyes
Of a priiiiiiimate!

I needed a good early-morning laugh. Thanks, buddy!

JS said...

I love anything that includes a spoof on eye of the tiger.

Teebore said...

Awesome free associations! I love it.

Any idea struck me when I was reading your analysis of the names and numbers-Hurley didn't freak out when he saw the numbers on the dial.

I wonder if that's because, mixed amongst (presumably) 360 numbers, he didn't notice THE NUMBERS like he did on the hatch when they were isolated by their lonesome.

Or I wonder if that's an indication that he's no longer under their sway, and doesn't put as much stock in them as he used to.

Most likely? Hurley's reaction/non reaction to the numbers/THE NUMBERS on the dial probably isn't important. :)

Word verif: nolesses. When you're out of molasses.

Arben said...

I know you're being tongue-in-cheeky, Blam, but your conclusion has a flaw that just popped out at me: Wallace's named is crossed out. So even if Widmore is Wallace -- I don't doubt your cosmic connections! -- he's not a candidate and Jacob wanting Hurley to turn the dial to 108 was not about setting a beacon or whatever for Wallace but getting Jack's attention. The 108 was just a thing for the fans, although you think that even after three-plus years the number 108 would be lodged in Jack's head (assuming his ego has room for such details).

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

YES! Another free association! ah hahahahahahaha! That was amazing.

VW: impes - more than one imp

Joan Crawford said...

Olympus Mons, on Mars,
largest known volcano in the solar system,
a.k.a. Nix Olympica, the Snows of Olympus.
[Thanks, Grandpa Lamken!]


And the snowfall! Don't get me started with this again!

Blam said...

JS: I love anything that includes a spoof on eye of the tiger.
Really it was either type it up or have it in my head for who knows how long, so to have other people enjoy it is just a bonus.

Blam said...

Teebore: I don't know why the Numbers don't set off alarm bells for all of them, but, yeah, Hurley especially. Did he win $108 million or was it some other amount? If the latter, he might only be particularly sensitive about the regular six Numbers. Anyway, good call, and I'm really sorry that I didn't get to interact with you guys at Nik's or read your own recap last week.

Blam said...

Arben: I could've done a better job about pointing out that Wallace was crossed out and so probably not a candidate, yeah, but by the end I was wiped and couldn't see the forest for the trees. Keep me honest, dude!

AchingHope said...

perhaps she's an alien from Area 51 instead, and that's the real reason she's on the run

Ahahahahaha... Can you imagine??