Greatest Hits

The blog is a year old today. For its semi-anniversary
back in August, I linked to a dozen of my favorite posts. I'd been thinking of doing something similar this week, but so many posts have been failing to "stick" again over the past couple of months that it would just be weird. So while a more contemplative essay of the state of the blog is on its way in the next couple of days, I've decided to highlight some of the most enjoyable links run here in the past year, many of which were not the focal point of a post but are delightful nonetheless. That was the original raison d'être of a blog, after all.

I don't recall what led me to discover
The Captain and Tennille's immortal rendition of "Love Will Keep Us Together" en español — other than divine providence. The lead vocals are new, but the original backing track is used, complete with shout-out to writer Neil Sedaka. God above, I totally unironically love this song.

Some other good music I've linked to:
The Puppini Sisters
Lily Allen's cover of "Womanizer"
Fleet Foxes' infectious "White Winter Hymnal"
Ximena Sariñana's debut solo album, Mediocre

At the risk of leading my friend Raf to the Dark Side, I can't help taking another look at the mock-ups for
Star Wars toys that were never released, including The Planet Alderaan (post-destruction – it's just a bunch of rocks), the Force ("It's not an empty box. The Force is an invisible energy that surrounds us and binds the galaxy together."), and, for the Hurleys in your life, a Dead Ewok.

I've written plenty about late-night TV and linked frequently to clips from Comedy Central's 11 o'clock block of
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report, despite the fact that their website seems perennially glitchy. If I had to pick one link it would probably be to a segment from last July about the folks who refuse to believe that Barack Obama was born in the USA.

If you're not a fellow action-figure fiend from the '70s, this will mean nothing to you, but...
Bulletman the Human Bullet!

I have way more blogs bookmarked than I'm able to keep up with. Among the authors whose work I enjoy in blog as well as book form — and talent in writing for one medium does not necessarily carry over to the other — is
Neil Gaiman. Lo and behold, I call up his blog and find that today is its own ninth birthday.

When I finally put together a blogroll, it will clearly include:
Forces of Geek, a pop-culture blog anthology spearheaded by good ol' Stefan Blitz
News from ME, daily journal of writer, producer, and raconteur Mark Evanier, who always has neat stuff about comics, animation, Vegas, Broadway, Hollywood Babylon, and more
Nik at Nite, the TV-oriented (and, especially from now through May, Lost-focused) blog of Nikki Stafford
Things I Yell at You, laugh-out-loud blogposts on life from the vivacious, pseudonymous, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Joan Crawford
Tony's Online Tips, reviews and opinion from my friend Tony Isabella, much of it new, also incorporating reprints of his long-running Comics Buyer's Guide columns

Winter Steals Sale is going on right now at Things from Another World, wherein a bunch of inventory was discounted 40% last week, is 50% off this week, and will be 60% off next week; whatever's left the last week of February will be marked down 70%, and you can usually find free-shipping codes online for orders over $30 or so. Often mentioned here for its bargain-bonanza Nick and Dent section, the site is heaven for comics readers and aficionados of comics-related collectibles.

If you need credit, character, or other content information on comics, from periodicals to graphic novels and albums,
The Grand Comics Database has indexed over 770,000 sequences in more than 550,000 issues from over 4,300 publishers worldwide. It's recently undergone a software overhaul, user-interfacelift, and rededication of purpose with much more significant changes to come. I'm proud to be a contributor.

I may only have posted my review of the series this week, but almost a year ago I linked to Julian Sanchez' post on
the solution to the Fringe cipher for those looking to decode the message embedded in the glyphs that appear with each episode.

Of all the
SNL digital shorts produced by The Lonely Island, I think my favorite is still the early, classic Natalie Portman rap.

Some other great videos I've linked to:
The Muppets' version of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"
The Dark Knight rap installment of The Key of Awesome
• A very strange
"book trailer" for Libba Bray's Going Bovine
• A
particularly disturbing edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live's "Great Moments in Unnecessary Censorship" featuring clips from Sesame Street
The first episode of Love of Chair from The Electric Company
The Literal Videos version of Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

On the longer side is
the opening of last year's CMT Music Awards show featuring Taylor Swift, with her Star Trek scene among the highlights.

And I still laugh at the line after "they all did the laundry" in
a Clorox ad that ran during the past season of Mad Men.


Joan Crawford said...

Bulletman! Why the thimble? The eyes - the articulating eyes! Hey, Happy Anniversary! I would think you'd have been blogging longer. That is a statement that would usually have an explanation following it.
Thanks for mentioning my blog! This post keeps disappearing. What is with that? Always with the vanishing posts, you!

P.S. Enjoying the wrath of Keyser Snoze? I implore you to use your imagination and add the ululat? over the o. Unluat. Unlaut. The dots dammit, the dots!

Joan Crawford said...

post script:

I just got to level 21 on vase-breaking. I know you've gotten know where near that. Put that in your pipe, good sir!

Blam said...

I would think you'd have been blogging longer.
Me too. And I would have been, but poor health = no money = lack of computer and Internet connection for far too long.
This post keeps disappearing. What is with that? Always with the vanishing posts, you!
I know not what is with that, but it, like the above, actually, was mentioned my post from yesterday which also keeps vanishing. The irony, she is not only pregnant but having the contractions.

Blam said...

"Umlaut". I'm still at a loss over what you're trying to say by "Keyser Snöze" though -- and the vase-breaking, too.

Blam said...

Ah! Keyser Snow-Zay! Got it!

Joan Crawford said...

Vase breaking on Plants Vs. Zombies! And make that level 23. I thought you mentioned in a comment that you played it. Either way - I win!
If it's not too personal - the illness isn't serious-serious is it? Not the big C?
Yeah, someone else made up the Keyser Snoze but I found not that funny which made it hilarious to me.

Joan Crawford said...

P.S. Goddamn Massholes - blocking healthcare.

Blam said...

I do recall the vase-breaking coming up in your comments, Joan, but had never played Plants vs. Zombies — it just sounded so weird, I chimed in with something meant to randomly tongue-in-cheek (or cheekily random-in-tongue... or something).

Blam said...

I'm a cautionary tale for how people who don't want to reform healthcare are cultivating their own worst nightmare: The cost of both my insurance (I was a self-employed very-small-business owner) and medicine, etc., not covered by the insurance would have bankrupted me had I decided to file. When I literally had no money left I had no other option but state-provided coverage, i.e., welfare. Ta-dah!

Arben said...

I covet the Smoldering Moisture Farm playset! Also: So cool to see Bulletman again.