Quick Hits: Electric Boogaloo

So the Lost Rewatch hosted by Nikki Stafford, who does not pay me, is at the point where we're getting more of Jack's much maligned (and rightly so) 0ff-Island beard. Whenever I see it, I can't help but think of Gerard Butler as Leonidas in 300, which in turn makes me think of this:

I don't know where it originated. A friend forwarded it to me before I had the blog and, I think, even before I had the new laptop and regular 'Net access. You're welcome to try to
source it yourself.

Package art © 2009 Warner Bros. Entertainment. Characters TM/® DC Comics.

Those of you on the Eastern seaboard with a Five Below nearby may already know of it as a place to stock up on cool little (or big) holiday gifts. I've picked up stickers and coloring books for the nieces at a dollar a pop; got an only semi-crappy battery-powered freestanding book light as well as a much better one that plugs into any USB port for a few bucks each; and, perhaps most impressively, kept myself from buying too much off of the remaindered-book table. Last year, I filled a bag with neat stuff for an annual family pollyanna.

My local store recently expanded the DVD section, and if I cared more about owning movies I'd probably have scooped up a bunch. Of course what ends up at Five Below is overstock — plain editions that have been replaced with extras-laden reissues, flat-out unpopular titles, or less-desirable/outmoded formats like "fullscreen" — but the HD/regular-DVD combo of Justice League: The New Frontier that I found was a no-brainer. Blu-Ray may have won out as the industry standard over HD-DVD, and I'm sure the double-sided disc means some loss in technical fidelity, but the regular-DVD side still plays fine for my purposes. I haven't actually seen the movie yet, and based on reviews it doesn't hold up to the Darwyn Cooke graphic novel from which it's adapted (no surprise given the limitations of running time and budget inherent in even the best direct-to-video efforts), but I was going to Netflix it for research anyway. Now I can watch it and listen to both commentary tracks at my leisure — one from Cooke and the other from a half-dozen folks including director Dave Bullock, executive producer Bruce Timm, and voice director Andrea Romano (whose names will certainly be recognized by aficionados of modern Warner Bros. Animation projects).

Over at
Forces of Geek Stefan Blitz has posted an introduction to The 101 Most Watchable Movies of All Time. As I was one the contributors, the overall list of movies won't be a surprise to me, but everyone else's comments will be and so will the ranked Top 25. When the whole list has run its course at FOG, I'll probably share my nominations here along with the comments I submitted, some of which were, predictably, outside Stefan's keep-it-to-one-sentence request.


Jenea said...

Hahaha!! It's Sparta!!! Now, it's now Sparta, it is 300 spartans!!! ;)

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

That Sparta sign made me literally LOL! I love it when people do things like that :)