If you've ever left a comment on a blog, you may very well have come across word verification.

On blogs hosted by Blogger/Blogspot, at least, the proprietor can select an option where commenters are asked to type in a nonsense word that almost always could be a real word, but isn't: Unlike those jumbled-up, visually skewed letters and/or letter-&-number combos used by some websites to ensure that you're not some kind of automated malevolence, these nonsense words generally have vowels and consonants placed in such an order that they're pronounceable; on rare occasion, an actual word will even slip in.

I've taken to sharing definitions for (or other reactions to) my verification words in my comments, if a definition comes readily to mind for the word on the screen at that moment. It's like Sniglets, which Rich Hall popularized on HBO's Not Necessarily the News and in a series of books back in the '80s, but in reverse. I lay absolutely no claim to being either the first or the best at this, but I've amassed enough that I have some favorites to share.

forized — What you become when you put on your glasses.

Entivand — Ask your doctor about it today!

Grango — The energy drink for active seniors.

MyStyMe — The magazine for pigs, from the publishers of Architectural Digest.

beyacho — If you're, like, so over the word frenemy, but a total beyotch has become a muchacho, just let 'em know that you're proud to call them your new beyacho. And that's... One to Grow On.

Gapia — A melting-pot country of Denims and Khakis not far from Banana Republic. (Look, folks, they won't all be winners.)

torchiti — Small Italian fire-bearing devices.

coryo — An unsuccessful attempt at merging British and hip-hop slang.

injug — whereHulkfindmoonshine

Cablegra — The World's Best Incomplete Cablegram Service.

Please chime in with your own favorites, coined by yourself or somebody else (with attribution if possible, naturally), in the comments section to this post — or to get really meta, go to leave a comment and trust that you'll have a good definition for the verification word that appears. The only rule is that no alteration can be made to a word as it appears on the screen save for capitalization if appropriate; then again, since they're nonsense words, nobody will know if you cheat.


Joan Crawford said...

Haha! Beyacho! That is fantastic and I will use it any chance I get!

Arben said...

I got two words in a row that were just impossible, and then... "angie". Don't tell my wife.

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

VoingLab: A place they do important Vo research.

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

You realize you have opened a giant can of word worms here, Blam. I love it.

Here's my latest:
PaLit - fiction about fathers in the nineteenth century

The one here?
Vocho - a Verizon podcast in spanish about the number eight (okay, that was pretty lame, I admit)

Mathieu said...

I would buy this book.

Blam said...

Vocho - a Verizon podcast in spanish about the number eight
This is actually one of my favorites!