Insignia TM DC Comics; images © 2009 and courtesy Graphitti Designs

The latest batch of stuff from Graphitti Designs includes, at long last, Wonder Twins wear. Adult S through XL will cost you $17.95 each SRP. I wish children's sizes were available, but my nieces have already worn a couple of my old T-shirts to bed; their mom says they should be okay in these — as long as they don't fight too hard over who's Zan and who's Jayna.

Update #1: I couldn't find any discount codes for Graphitti via a Web search and ended up buying from Amazon. Even though the shirts were a couple of bucks more apiece there, shipping was free, so the total was $39.98 versus the $46.54 it would have been with shipping directly from Graphitti.

Update #2: The girls are still wearing the shirts a couple of years later, trading off, although it's usually the older one who gets to decide who wears what. Now that Blam's Blog is an Amazon affiliate, if you buy the Zan T-shirt, the Jayna T-shirt, or anything else at Amazon that you place in your cart while arriving through the preceding links a small percentage of the sale will come back my way. Sadly, I can't find the Jayna one on Amazon now, only Zan, so you're pardoned for shopping elsewhere.

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