Twice-Told Tales

The Lost Rewatch that Nikki Stafford is hosting has just wrapped up its review of the pivotal third season.

I was unable to join in when the Rewatch began in July, but jumped on board last month with Season 3. While I've fallen behind again, I'm trying to catch up and looking forward to discussion of Season 4, on which more in a few paragraphs.

Nikki, as has been mentioned here frequently, writes about ABC's Lost, other fascinating television, and more besides with enthusiasm and frequency on her blog Nik at Nite. She's also the author of the Finding 'Lost' books published by ECW Press; I contributed the following blurb to the recently published installment on Lost Season 5:

"I've long enjoyed episode guides to the likes of Star Trek, Buffy, and The X-Files. What makes Nikki's Finding 'Lost' volumes stand out among such efforts is that they're not just about ferreting out nitpicks and 'Easter eggs'. Her analysis helps the show's creative team make this intricate fiction more than what you see on the screen, and I wouldn't rewatch Lost without it."

Finding 'Lost': Season 5 is just one of two books released in the past month to graciously list me in the acknowledgements. (The other is Tony Isabella's 1000 Comic Books You Must Read from Krause Publications [ISBN 978-0-89689-921-6]. I'll be reviewing it shortly in depth but it's highly recommended for comic-book historians of all stripes. If you can't find it at a local bookseller or otherwise prefer to buy it online, you can throw a small kickback Tony's way by purchasing it at Amazon via the World Famous Comics website, home to Tony's message board and online column.) Nikki even singled me and a couple of other posters out, among the dozens of regular readers thanked, for helping her understand the way personal timelines worked for the Lost characters sent back to the 1970s from the more-or-less present day; Mom was impressed.

I picked up Nikki's first Finding 'Lost', covering Seasons 1 & 2, during the hiatus between the first batch of Season 3 episodes in the fall of 2006 and the resumption of the season in February 2007, perfect timing in terms of what was going on with the show as well as what was going on in my life. Many viewers jumped ship during that season, due to what was not unjustifiably perceived as repetitiveness and loss of focus, but the silver lining to those problems was the game plan agreed upon by ABC and Lost's producers to set an end date for the series in 2010 with subsequent seasons airing relatively unbroken each winter through spring. The Season 3 finale changed everything when what appeared to be an increasingly hard-to-place flashback was revealed as a flashforward, setting the stage for a tremendous expansion of Lost's premise.

When the Season 3 installment came out, I psyched myself up for Season 4 by reading it, but I couldn't yet join the commenting fun on Nik at Nite because I was still bereft of a working personal computer. Come this year and Season 5, however, I'd finally entered the modern world with a new laptop, high-speed Internet, and thus access to the blogosphere that had sprung up during my absence and largely supplanted the chat rooms and forums from days of yore. I'm living proof that new commenters are welcomed with open arms by Nikki and company, whatever your experience might be with other high-traffic blogs and message boards.

The Rewatch schedule averages three to four episodes per week, with new posts from Nikki kicking off discussion each Wednesday and Thursday; that pace will slow at the end of December for the holidays, but since Nikki's Canadian there's no quarter given for American Thanksgiving next week. I've given up on actually rewatching all of the episodes in favor of getting to participate in the discussion of them in a timely fashion, never mind keeping up with current television and life itself. While that may seem like a "Gift of the Magi" sort of scenario, I think the past couple seasons of Lost are fresh enough in my mind that reading the recaps and analysis in the Season 4 and Season 5 editions of Finding 'Lost', together with others' commentary, will be enough to prompt my own thoughts.

Nikki and her editor were kind enough to print this blog's address with my blurb, to which I attribute at least some of the recent uptick in traffic here, but it happened to coincide with my need to take a break. I should be able to resume more regular posting shortly, though, and look forward to hearing from you here or over at the Rewatch if you like what you read.

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