To Be Continued

The time-honored Internet symbol for blog hiatus,
as I was reminded by a recent post on News from ME

I am officially taking a break from the blog.

The world didn't end just now, and — despite my constant, pleasant surprise at the fact that the blog has a number of actual "followers" — I don't imagine that my lack of posting lately has particularly frustrated anybody but me. Still, I'd rather make the potentially vain proclamation than just let the blog sit here, suspended and untended, like another tendril of dead virtual kudzu.

While attention must be paid to some other aspects of my life, I hope and expect that in addressing them I'll be able to return to the blog before too long with renewed purpose and organization. You might yet see some nearly finished reviews or a totally awesome link pop up here on occasion if things go smoothly. My sincere thanks go out to everyone who's stopped by so far.

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